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The floor material of the heavy-duty workshop is emery wear-resistant floor material. Tiancheng emery floor industry ranks the top three in the country, and the quality and after-sales are assured, so you are worth buying

Qian'an green emery emery manufacturer takes construction. Tiancheng emery flooring industry ranks the top three in the country, [133-7145-3307] quality and after-sales are assured, so you are worth purchasing. Emery wear-resistant flooring is mainly used for the floors of plants, warehouses, basement garages, docks, heavy industry workshops, emery series, quartz series, natural color, green, red, blue and other colors, Special colors and materials can be customized according to customers. Welcome to call

there will be more heavy machinery processing workshops in Henan, Hebei and Shandong, which requires the workshop floor to be more load-bearing and pressure resistant than the general floor. The material suitable for the ground of heavy-duty workshop is emery wear-resistant floor material. Tiancheng emery floor industry ranks the top three in the country, and the quality and after-sales are assured, so you are worth purchasing

note: 1 Wear resistance: wear resistance mass loss 1000r/500g ≤ *g 2 The first-class high-quality aggregate composition is used for the aggregate. And special additives such as micro silica powder and color retention agent are added


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gray emery dust-free emery emery flooring material for manufacturer's direct sale underground garage

Product Name: metal & Alloy wear-resistant floor

product remarks: metal mineral aggregate - metal aggregate emery or alloy: tin titanium alloy, tin iron alloy, iron filings, etc. can be selected according to requirements

1. The scope of application is for the concrete ground that must be wear-resistant, impact resistant and reduce dust, such as the ground of factory buildings, warehouses, warehouse shopping malls, maintenance workshops, parking lots, Treasuries, wharfs, etc

2. The material consists of emery or alloy ore, special cement, enhancer, brightener, pigment, micro silica powder, color retention agent, etc

3. Performance characteristics (1) it has high wear resistance (which can improve the wear resistance of concrete by 225%); (2) It is integrated with the concrete floor as a whole and will not fall off; (3) The formed high-density wear-resistant surface layer has excellent impact resistance; (4) The construction is convenient, the cost is economical, and the maintenance cost is low. (5) Service life: more than 25 years

4. Performance index aggregate type compressive strength MPa tensile strength MPa shrinkage% Mohs hardness wear resistance (500g/1000r) emery ≥ 70 ≥ 10 with cement floor ≥ 7.5 ≤ 3.0 tin titanium alloy ≥ 92 ≥ 12 with cement floor ≥ 9.5 ≤ 2.0

construction process:

1. Base surface treatment: Polish and clean, the base surface is required to be dry, flat and free of hollows

2. Apply primer: close the base surface and enhance adhesion

3. Batch scraping mortar intermediate coating: increase the compressive strength of the ground

4. Apply putty: close the mortar layer to make it flat without hollowing?? 5. Roll brush epoxy surface coating, or spray surface coating or surface layer for anti-skid process

emery manufacturers wear-resistant emery emery flooring manufacturers direct sales price concessions emery wear-resistant building materials

1 Emery wear-resistant floor is about 8 yuan to 45 yuan per square

2 Price of emery aggregate: cheap natural color 700~900 yuan/ton; Green 800-1200 yuan/ton; Good quality natural color 1600~2000 yuan/ton; Green 1600~3200 yuan/ton, the price difference is large, therefore, the price of emery wear-resistant floor is not easy to define

3. Usage: 5-8 kg/m2 (the price of emery wear-resistant floor quoted by some construction companies is low, and the usage will be lower than this value)

labor cost: 3 yuan/㎡ these are direct costs

a good ground presentation requires the double cooperation of material quality and construction quality. With high-quality emery wear-resistant flooring materials, it is impossible to do a good ground without skilled construction personnel. With skilled construction personnel, but without high-quality materials, it is impossible to achieve a perfect ground effect. The quality of our emery wear-resistant flooring materials is not only guaranteed, but also the most important thing is perfect after-sales service. The ground with large traffic volume and heavy load is suitable for making high-end emery wear-resistant floor materials. It has a long service life, and the more it is used, the brighter it is. It is beautiful and suitable for the ground of Volkswagen workshop




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