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Wuhan Jinfuyuan decoration designer said that the design of the bathroom is basically convenient, safe and easy to clean, of course, we should also consider the beauty and propriety. However, due to the heavy moisture in the bathroom, the interior decoration materials must be mainly waterproof materials. The bathroom has the largest wall and area, so materials that are waterproof, corrosion-resistant and mildew resistant should be selected to ensure indoor hygiene. Natural stones such as marble have a special texture, but they may not work in a narrow bathroom. Now let's follow the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network to take a detailed look at what needs to be paid attention to in bathroom decoration

1. Embedding stainless steel sheets under the door frame can prevent corruption

Wuhan Jinfuyuan decoration designer said that generally, the door of the bathroom is often in a water or wet environment, and its lower part of the door frame will become rotten unknowingly, so Wuhan decoration owners can consider removing the damaged parts below, making proper repairs, and then embedding stainless steel sheets around the door frame, so as to slow down or prevent the decay of the door frame

2. Install a mirror on the cabinet door

in order to store some sanitary products, the bathroom often sets a cabinet, or makes a closet on the wall. If the mirror is installed on the door surface of the cabinet or groove, the bathroom space will not only be more spacious and bright, but also luxurious and beautiful, and the cost is not expensive. It can be combined with the dressing table and used as a dressing table mirror

3. Put a showerhead on the washbasin

people are used to washing their hair and bathing at night. After sleeping, they often make their hair messy, so more and more people wash their hair in the morning, especially women. Because it is troublesome to use the shower equipment every time you wash your hair, this problem is solved by installing a shower head on the washbasin

4. Nail a shelf of 10cm around the washbasin, which is more convenient to use.

putting many cleaning and sanitary products on the washbasin will appear disordered and easy to fall over. Therefore, it is advisable to nail a shelf of 10cm around the washbasin, as long as it can hold makeup bottles, brushes, washing cups, etc. The shelf height should not hinder the use of faucets, and the shelf materials can be wood, plastic board, etc

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