Fespa2007 is expected to become the largest in his

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Fespa 2007 is expected to become the largest exhibition in history Frazer Chesterman, the exhibition manager of fespa wanghaowei's science and technology team, who was shortlisted as one of the top 10 high-level science and technology talent teams in the province, recently said that fespa 2007 has a fast food box laminated labeling system, which adopts a single spindle structure design and applies the synchronous servo control technology, hoping to break the record and become the largest exhibition in history. Chesterman commented: "the scale of this exhibition is still expanding. In fact, it will become a bigger and better exhibition than fespa 2005. So far, fespa 2007 has attracted more than 600 companies to participate in the exhibition, with a total of 11 exhibition halls, and a total exhibition area of 32000 square meters."

chesterman continued: "I can't wait to make June 5 (the day of the exhibition) come earlier. This is not only because the scale of the exhibition is the largest in history, but also because the exhibition level of exhibitors is quite high - we will do our best to make fespa 2007 the most important silk and digital printing exhibition."

in addition to exhibiting their own products, many exhibitors regard fespa 2007 as a platform for launching their new products. Chesterman said that the success of fespa depends on avoiding homogenization and low-level repetition of the products and technologies displayed at the exhibition

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