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Start with the feeling, quotation and configuration parameter review of Acer shadow Knight Qingren version

Acer shadow Knight Qingren version is a newly launched game book, equipped with the latest cool 10 generation standard voltage processor according to the goal of building a strong province in the new material industry. Let's take a look at the latest experience, quotation and configuration for the reference of friends in need

I. experience of Acer shadow Knight · Qingqing blade version:

this one seems to be recommended by the evaluation, and shares the experience of a certain Eastern grass growing for a period of time: after almost 60 days of long-term use, the computer has no problem. The 144hz screen is worthy of its name, and the display effect is comfortable and natural. The CPU runs large-scale software to control the blade with constant displacement. The graphics card can render 3D video at a reasonable speed, and there is no pressure to run the current popular game, Generally speaking, it is a good notebook with high cost performance

turn to old users' comments to see how the performance is in the end

II. JD event price of Acer shadow Knight · Qingqing blade version:

deposit: ¥ 100.00 can offset ¥ 400.00

JD price: ¥ 7099.00

JD event quotation link:

III. configuration parameters of Acer shadow Knight · Qingqing blade version:

IV. other user comments of Acer shadow Knight · Qingqing blade version:

appearance: cool appearance, I like it very much. It's simple and generous. I like it very much

picture quality: the picture quality is very clear and the resolution is very high. I feel very comfortable when using it

the pipeline of the lubrication system leads to all rotating joints and moving parts

can help professionals achieve different product performance

run score evaluation: Master Lu ran more than 200000 points in the run score evaluation, which is very neutral at the same price

running speed: fast running speed and quick response. The new computer responds quickly. The other is that the processor of the computer itself is very good. I made a good introduction in advance. As expected, it didn't disappoint people

game effect: the game effect is very good

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