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Fengdengguo, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: the safety of industrial control system is the key to China's transformation to an industrial power.

industrial control system is the core driving force of the fourth industrial revolution. The safety and controllability of industrial control system is the key to China's transformation from an industrial power to an industrial power. Recently, fengdengguo, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the 2020 China industrial information security conference

fengdengguo said at the meeting that as the industrial control system becomes more and more open, the attack means of hackers are constantly updated. Specifically, there are service layer, network layer and equipment layer in the industrial control system. Due to the high automation of network control, each layer faces the risk of potential attack. The service layer involves cloud computing, big data and other key links, and may encounter threats such as phishing; The network layer has the risks of malicious monitoring, man in the middle attack, code tampering, malware and so on; There are side channel attacks, reverse engineering, device replacement, embedded attacks and other risks in the device layer. In recent years, major safety accidents of industrial control system have occurred frequently. The attacks of industrial control system show the characteristics of organized and large scrapped vehicle disassembly, which can provide more than 30 kinds of useful materials for secondary use, high concealment and strong sustainability, and the attacks with national background are increasing; Attack technologies are emerging in endlessly, attack methods are being renovated, and national security, economic development and social stability are facing great threats

fengdengguo pointed out that the development direction of the security defense concept of industrial control system is from system isolation to in-depth defense and then to active defense. System isolation is the characteristic of early industrial control system safety protection, mainly the protection concept of single isolation, enterprise and interconnection isolation, industrial control and office isolation, network partition isolation, and the main detection effect is also the isolation between different machine systems. Defense in depth is the combination of multiple technologies to establish a multi-level defense guarantee system from interconnection to enterprise, from industrial control network to host, from host to PLC, and from PLC to sensor. Active defense is an active defense system based on Threat Intelligence of industrial control system. It builds a host reinforcement mechanism of industrial control operating system based on independent hardware modules, and maintains a trusted and controllable system based on white list strategy. This is a different kind of operating environment for correction points

at present, the traditional security protection means (such as firewalls, anti-virus software, etc.) can no longer effectively protect the security of industrial control systems and networks. More advanced technical systems and active defense means need to be adopted to protect the national infrastructure from attacks. Fengdengguo said that trusted computing and white list reinforcement are one of the important ways to solve the security problems of industrial control systems. Trusted computing has an autonomous and controllable security chip, which fundamentally solves the trust problem of industrial control environment. The trusted active protection system is different from the previous passive defense methods. It adopts the idea of measurement + control to prevent the execution of all unknown or illegal procedures and prevent the trouble before it happens. In addition, trusted computing is suitable for relatively stable environments. In the industrial control system, the equipment, system, application and business are relatively single and stable, and a relatively stable industrial control software environment is required. Compared with various complex intelligent algorithms, trusted computing technology has simple algorithm and high efficiency, which can better meet the real-time requirements of industrial control systems

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