Fespa held its first real global conference

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Fespa held its first real global conference in September this year, fespa held its first real global conference in Bratislava, the Slovak capital, and warmly welcomed representatives of 24 of the 27 national associations to participate in the 3-day conference. In addition, association representatives from Australia, China, India and Thailand who are cooperative members of fespa also attended the meeting. Their cooperative membership relationship with fespa was approved at the Slovenian meeting last year

the conference was hosted by the Slovak Indian Association. In addition, the Ukrainian National Indian Association has also become a member of fespa, which will further strengthen the influence of fespa in the 263 display screen printing industry in central and Eastern Europe

2006 fespa conference focused on the future development of fespa 3 with poor activity. The delegates participated in a series of seminars to brainstorm, mainly discussing the work objectives of fespa as a non-profit organization, such as technical training, knowledge and information sharing, promoting best practices and strengthening the interconnection between more than 7000 member companies under its National Association, and achieving more beneficial results

the delegates also identified four upcoming exhibitions of fespa - fespa 2007 (Berlin, June, 2007); Fespa India (New Delhi, January and February 2007); Fespa digital 2008 (Geneva, April, 2008) and fespa Asia Pacific Exhibition (Bangkok, November, 2008). Fespa Berlin 2007 will be the next major fespa exhibition and the world's largest print and digital printing exhibition

due to the continued success of these exhibitions, fespa can allocate more funds to promote the 2007 fespa project through national associations. Since the fespa project committee started its work in 2004, 66 projects have been submitted for discussion, of which 47 have been completed or are being started. Through these projects, fespa has invested more than 250000 euros in the development of the printing and digital printing industry in Europe. Fespa projects include symposiums in Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland and the United Kingdom, e-learning courses for printers and fespa technical quality assurance services through stations. F e s p a also provides financial support for individual associations to open their own stations

"the success of fespa project fully demonstrates the great value that international organizations like fespa have brought to their association members, as well as the enthusiasm of the entire printing and digital printing industry when facing the opportunity to strengthen exchanges and share knowledge." Nigel Steffens, Secretary General of fespa, also commented, "it is clear that our members are determined to combine their enthusiasm for process technology with all the technologies, tools and resources they can use to ensure that printing and digital printing will always occupy the central position of the market and commodity supply chain for a long time in the future."

about f e s p a

fespa, founded in 1962, is a non-profit industry association and exhibition organizer in the silk and digital printing industry. The goal of fespa is to share printing and digital printing information with members around the world, help them improve their business and understand the latest progress in their fast-growing industries. Fespa member organizations include 27 independent member national chapters in Europe and 4 collaborative member associations in Australia, China, Thailand and India

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