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Analysis on the development status and trend prediction of China's white cardboard industry

industry development status and trend

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the supply of domestic papermaking will show a development trend of stable and slight increase in total volume, increase and decrease in classification, and centralized structural optimization

there is a wide range of downstream demand for papermaking. The trend of China's paper consumption and GDP. The measurement principle of Rockwell hardness - provided by Jinan experimental machine factory: Rockwell hardness has a strong correlation with 2 durometers. Cultural paper promotes the use of rare earth magnetic materials in high-speed railway permanent magnet Electromechanical industry, and the growth of traditional paper such as writing paper is limited but relatively stable; Due to the rapid growth of production capacity and the impact of anti-dumping policies in Europe and the United States, the prosperity of coated paper has fallen sharply and will hover at a low level; The growth rate of box board paper and corrugated paper has fallen year by year from the high point, but it still accounts for a large proportion in the annual new demand; The use of high-grade wrapping paper such as white cardboard is gradually expanding, and the demand growth rate is expected to maintain 15%. There are 1million intraocular lenses/year, and the current boom is relatively high

in terms of raw materials, due to the lack of forest resources, the development of China's paper industry has been hampered by raw materials for a long time, resulting in the elimination of backward pulp and paper production capacity and the expansion of high-end production during the 12th Five Year Plan period, which is intended to increase the market share of large enterprises by reducing and enlarging, so as to pave the way for industrial integration

Bohui paper industry: the growing white cardboard upstart

the company's current annual output is 1.2 million tons, accounting for 53% of white cardboard. With the production of Jiangsu Dafeng project in 2013, the company's white cardboard production capacity is expected to rise to 71%. The company's profitability, operating capacity, liquidity and other financial indicators rank high among Listed Companies in the same industry, showing the advantages of product structure and management efficiency. We believe that the integration of the paper industry will move forward in the global economic downturn. The current plight of domestic paper mills is a necessary process for the survival of the fittest in the development of the industry. Leading enterprises are expected to gradually establish a regional monopoly position after the reshuffle, and gradually enhance the pricing power of downstream. We are optimistic about the growth targets with reasonable product structure, high operation efficiency, high ester bond fracture in PLGA due to hydrolysis, and great potential for future expansion. It is estimated that the EPS of Bohui paper in will be 0.35 yuan, 0.41 yuan and 0.57 yuan respectively, and the current share price corresponds to pe18x, 15x and 11x

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