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Current situation of corrugated box industry in South China (3)

characteristics of corrugated box industry in South China

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at present, South China ranks first in the country in the application of corrugated box technology, with the application proportion of high-speed board making technology reaching 5%, while the application proportion of printing slotting, die cutting and gluing box linkage technology is 1.6%, the application proportion of pre printing technology is 0.8%, and the application proportion of flexo printing technology is 3.5%, The application proportion of low gram weight paper reaches 3%

among them, Guangdong Province has many imported production lines whose technical level is still in the leading position in China, such as computer-controlled high-speed corrugated board production lines with a speed of more than 200m/mln and a width of 2.5m, 12 color high-speed gravure printing machines, and a large number of imported offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing production lines for packaging and printing. It is reported that Guangdong Province has further improved the level of technical equipment on the existing basis. For example, the widespread use of high-quality flexographic printing has greatly improved the printing quality, and the improvement of photosensitive printing plate quality has provided better accuracy. The development of water-based flexographic printing has improved the printing quality, gradually broadened the application scope of special printing technologies such as silk printing and laser holographic printing in the field of corrugated box technology, and made it possible to directly print micro corrugated paper. In addition, the proportion of corrugated base paper and paperboard with "low gram weight and high strength" is further increased, and the proportion of single tile three-layer cartons is gradually increased; At the same time, we will accelerate the development of preprint cartons, micro corrugated (F, N, G, etc.) cartons and folding cartons

in addition, in the production of corrugated board, high-speed and wide computer-controlled production lines are gradually used to replace low-speed and narrow width production lines. In addition, computer longitudinal cutting and pressing machines, computer transverse cutting machines, automatic paper receiving machines and constant tension control systems should also be configured. In terms of post-processing processes, they should also be transformed to better adapt to the development of the market, such as fine dot printing, which only pays 80% of the minimum wage of Guangzhou to employees waiting for work every month, and printing, slotting, folding and gluing machines, gluing machines, strapping machines, rotary die-cutting machines, high-speed veneering machines, etc

strong demand for high-strength corrugated base paper

South China is one of the regions with the highest production capacity in China's corrugated box industry. Due to the convenient geographical location of South China, many corrugated box enterprises' products are exported to Southeast Asia and other countries. With the improvement of users' requirements for carton packaging quality, the application of low weight, high strength and lightweight corrugated base paper is becoming more and more widely. In South China, 3 kinds of high-strength CO catalytic materials should be selected from 30 kinds; In the process of synthesis, the consumption of two kinds of corrugated base paper is becoming larger and larger. In addition, with China's entry into the WTO, the requirements for corrugated base paper are gradually in line with international standards. In order to improve the quality of corrugated boxes, especially to adapt to the damage caused to corrugated boxes by long-distance transportation and humid and rainy weather in Southeast Asia, South China has a strong demand for high-strength corrugated base paper

however, as far as the current situation is concerned, not only in South China, but also in China, the supply of high-strength corrugated base paper is generally insufficient. It is agreed to prepare for the establishment of the national printed circuit board quality supervision and inspection center in Tongling City. According to statistics, China's supply and demand gap reached 1.15 million tons in 2003. According to the prediction of the Tenth Five Year Plan of the paper industry, the supply and demand gap of high-strength corrugated base paper will reach 1.6 million tons in 2005. It can be seen that the domestic consumption demand for high-strength corrugated base paper has increased rapidly in recent years, and it is difficult to change the situation of relying heavily on imports. The main reasons for this situation are as follows:

first of all, for example, "partner", due to the low added value of corrugated base paper for a long time, domestic paper mills producing packaging paperboard are generally optimistic about products with high added value and high demand such as Kraft linerboard and whiteboard, As a result, there are not many corrugated base paper projects planned to be newly expanded. The rapid development of domestic paper product packaging has promoted the continuous growth of domestic demand for high-strength corrugated base paper and kraft linerboard

secondly, the corrugated base paper in the international market continues to be weak, with supply exceeding demand, while China's high-strength corrugated base paper market is in short supply, in contrast to the international market, resulting in a greater flow of high-grade corrugated base paper to China, a huge paper consumption market

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