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A summary of the current situation of lithium battery energy density in Chinese enterprises

according to made in China 2025, the development plan of power battery is clarified: in 2020, the battery energy density will reach 300wh/kg; In 2025, the energy density of the battery will reach 400wh/kg; By 2030, the energy density of the battery will reach 500wh/kg. At present, what is the level of energy density of battery powered lithium batteries in China

BYD: at present, the single energy density of BYD lithium iron phosphate battery is 150wh, and then BYD plans to continue to increase the energy density to 160wh. In addition to lithium iron phosphate batteries, BYD is also developing ternary lithium batteries at the same time. If the technology of ternary lithium batteries is combined with lithium iron phosphate batteries, and some adjustments are made to the original practice of using graphite as the cathode material, BYD plans to increase the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries, that is, the monomer energy density of the resonance cell generated by the system, to 200wh around 2020

in addition, in terms of follow-up ternary batteries, BYD's ternary batteries have been ready for mass production, and the current energy density has also reached 200wh/kg. BYD's goal of ternary battery is to achieve 240wh/kg of battery specific energy in 2018 and 300wh/kg in 2020

Waterma: the energy density of 32650 cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery has reached 145wh/kg, and the next step is to achieve 160wh/kg; The current energy density of ternary battery is 200wh/kg, and it is expected to reach the level of 300wh/kg by 2020

Guoneng battery: as early as 2013, the energy density of Guoneng lithium iron phosphate and ternary battery reached 160wh/kg and 200wh/kg. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries will reach 180wh/kg, the pack will reach 134wh/kg, and the energy density of ternary batteries will exceed 240wh/kg

gateway power: the metal separator has a certain limit on the delivery speed of the tested items. In terms of energy density, the specific energy of the ternary soft pack battery that the company has mass produced is 210wh/kg. On the basis of improving the safety of batteries, it is expected that the energy density of the company's soft packed batteries will reach 300wh/kg in 2020, and 220wh/kg after being packed in groups; The single energy density of lithium titanate battery is more than 110wh/kg

we found that DSM is a very professional and intelligent energy: the energy density of the power battery produced by the company in mass can reach 220wh/kg with a sound working mechanism, and the energy density can reach 140wh/kg after the pack is grouped. At the same time, the BMS system of the company can achieve five levels of protection, and the battery pack adopts lightweight materials, and the structure is optimized

BIC battery: in 2016, BIC ternary material power battery industry accounted for more than 30%, ranking first. At present, the energy density of BIC single cell is nearly 220wh/kg, and will be further increased to 300wh/kg in the future

Carnegie new energy: Carnegie new energy has been able to supply 220wh/kg cells with energy density in batches, and the specific energy of the system is greater than 130wh/kg cells. At the same time, 250wh/kg and 300wh/kg product reserves have been realized at the process and technical levels respectively

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