Current situation of electromagnetic valve drive d

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Current situation of electromagnetic valve drive device of internal combustion engine

based on the traditional double spring data display spring and double electromagnet electromagnetic valve drive mechanism, a new type of electromagnetic drive device is proposed. The electromagnetic force generated by the permanent magnet during the valve opening or closing holding stage will cause the white lock function, and the coil does not need to be energized: after unlocking, it is a one barrel permanent magnet DC linear motor that can work in four quadrants, It provides axial electromagnetic force for the mover when it moves, complements the kinetic energy loss caused by friction, and makes the valve seat smoothly. The dynamic finite element analysis model of the device is established, and the effects of spring, static iron core and permanent magnet on the electromagnetic valve drive device are discussed respectively, and the optimal design of the device is carried out. The no-load back EMF, coil inductance, electromagnetic force and other important parameters of the electromagnetic drive device are deeply analyzed and calculated, and useful conclusions are obtained

the traditional internal combustion engine uses a mechanical cam connecting rod valve system. The valve inlet and exhaust time can only be determined by the shape and phase angle of the cam, and the best time cannot be selected according to the factors such as full fuel combustion, low emissions, maximum torque, etc., resulting in low efficiency of the internal combustion engine in a wide speed range. After the engine uses the electromagnetic drive valve mechanism, it not only saves the cam linkage mechanism and simplifies the system structure, but also because the valve can be independently controlled to complete the timing, the engine torque output is improved, the fuel consumption can be reduced by up to L5%, and the harmful emissions are also greatly reduced

at present, the electromagnetic valve drive device generally adopts the typical structure of double spring and double electromagnet, which is composed of U-core, double coil, double spring, armature, valve and other main components. The valve stroke is generally 8 mm. The transition between opening and closing positions is completed through the power-off release of one coil and the power on and pull in of the other coil. The transition time does not depend on high-precision processing technology and mature supporting services, and should exceed 4 ms. When the valve stays in the open and closed positions, the coil must be continuously energized to maintain the armature engagement, resulting in large loss. In order to solve this problem, Victrex AE 250 composite material is a good example. This paper proposes a permanent magnet self-locking electric valve, which can balance the electromagnetic suction and spring force at the valve opening or closing position and realize the self working position switching process. This device is also full of the problem of

. This paper proposes a permanent magnet self-locking electromagnetic valve driving device, which can be in the valve opening or closing position, The self-locking is realized only by the balance between the electromagnetic suction generated by the permanent magnet and the spring force; At the same time, in the process of switching between the two working positions, the device expands its use in the civil field. It is also a four quadrant permanent magnet DC linear motor

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