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Three elements of domestic corrugated box packaging equipment development

under the current competitive situation in the process of market economic development, in order to occupy the international market and expand export channels, relevant experts point out the maze for China's corrugated box packaging equipment suppliers: first, reduce costs and maintain price advantages; Second, we should improve product quality and increase the content of science and technology; Third, we should improve after-sales service and actively seek reliable agents in the local area. As long as China's corrugated box packaging equipment suppliers can optimize the product structure, speed up industrial upgrading and enhance added value while maintaining price advantages, their export competitiveness will be enhanced

affected by the global financial crisis, some European and American enterprises have reduced their demand for expensive equipment in purchasing packaging and printing equipment, and turned their attention to China's corrugated box packaging equipment with the same performance but lower price, which has brought good news to domestic enterprises. Relevant channels show that carton manufacturers from the United States and Europe are very concerned about Chinese equipment and hope to contact well-known manufacturers of corrugated carton packaging equipment in China

according to incomplete statistics, at present, the corrugated box packaging equipment made in China can be designed according to different samples and experimental methods in the domestic market. The market share of different fixtures is about 90%, the market share in Asia is about 28%, and the market share outside Asia is only 8%. This shows that the urgent task for domestic corrugated box packaging equipment suppliers is to actively explore overseas emerging markets and realize the diversification of export markets

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