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The current situation of gravure printing industry in China

from abroad (Eric Apel, an assistant professor of materials science at Stanford University who is particularly responsible for the research, said that especially in the European and American markets), gravure printing is mainly used in three fields: magazine, product catalogue and other publishing and printing industries; Commodity packaging and printing industry; As well as special-purpose fields dominated by banknotes, stamps and other securities and decorative materials. Gravure printing market share: accounting for 30% - 40% of the magazine and catalogue printing market, accounting for% of the packaging printing market, accounting for 25% of the book printing market. The research of GfK Market Research Institute shows that in the field of packaging and printing, gravure printing takes priority over other printing processes to occupy the main market share for most brand product enterprises

in China, gravure printing is mainly used in the latter two fields (packaging printing and special printing). Gravure printing industry is the second largest printing branch after offset lithography, which mainly has the following characteristics:

the overall scale is large, the number of employees is large, and it has developed into an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform in China's industrial field that has passed the certification of the international exhibition Alliance (UFI). The overall economic benefits are good

there are more than 5000 flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises focusing on food packaging printing

there are more than 200 folding carton gravure printing enterprises focusing on cigarette packet printing, and most printing enterprises have gravure printing production lines, with more than 50 in Yunnan Province alone. According to statistics, there are about 2200 cigarette brands in China. In 2002, 34.3 million cases of cigarettes were produced, and nearly 140 billion yuan of taxes are paid to the state every year. The annual output value of cigarette bag printing is about 9billion yuan

there are more than 200 gravure printing enterprises of wood grain paper and decorative paper in the special-purpose field, and more than 20 printing plants of negotiable securities (such as banknotes and stamps) and lottery tickets

according to industry estimates, the total number of gravure printing and related industries in China is more than 7000

gravure printing equipment comes from a wide range of sources and has a large span of technical level.

in addition to a large number of domestic equipment, there are also medium and high-end equipment imported from Japan, South Korea, Italy and Germany, as well as world-class gravure printing equipment from Italy and Germany

cigarette bag gravure printing basically adopts imported equipment, mainly from Italian ceroody, Swiss boster, French chambond, Australian gold printing and other companies, as well as a small number of gravure printing equipment from the United States, Germany and other countries that collect material performance data for a long time. A few cigarette bag printing plants have introduced the world's most advanced cigarette bag gravure printing equipment

so far, China has introduced more than 450 lines of gravure printing equipment, including many internationally advanced gravure printing production equipment

according to the latest statistics, at present, the total number of gravure machine manufacturers in China is more than 70, the vast majority of which are web gravure machine manufacturers, and there are few sheet fed gravure machine manufacturers. In general, gravure machine manufacturing enterprises vary in size and product types. According to incomplete statistics, the number of domestic gravure printing machines of various grades and specifications exceeds 500 per year. In recent years, the manufacturing level and printing speed of domestic gravure printing equipment have been significantly improved. Zhongshan Songde and Shaanxi beiren have launched web gravure printing machines with a maximum speed of 300 meters/minute. Some of the flexible packaging gravure printing machines, laminating machines, coating machines, slitting machines, etc. have been very close to the level of Japan. They have developed intelligent energy-saving precision 3-bit 1-BODY plastic injection machines with independent intellectual property rights, and their compatibility has also been significantly enhanced

gravure printing enterprises have obvious regional distribution

flexible packaging gravure printing is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Henan, Hebei and other provinces and cities; The Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta are relatively concentrated with the highest technology, and the Bohai Rim region is also catching up rapidly

in cigarette case gravure printing, Yunnan, Guangdong, Shandong and other provinces and cities have become cigarette bag gravure printing bases. Generally speaking, the south is still the key distribution area of gravure printing enterprises

however, in recent years, this regional trend has shifted northward

main problems in gravure printing industry

there is no unified industry management department, activities are scattered, and industry management and services obviously lag behind other industries. As gravure printing enterprises used to be mainly subordinate to light industry, tobacco, packaging, building materials, postal services, coinage and other industries, there was no counterpart department in management

domestic gravure printing equipment manufacturing, low-level repetition, high-end gravure printing machine development has just started. Imported equipment basically monopolizes the high-end gravure market

there is a lack of middle and senior professional technicians, and the revision of relevant standards is seriously lagging behind. (xuwencai, chairman of gravure branch of China Printing Technology Association)

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