Current situation of food additive industry

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The current situation of the food additive industry

according to the analysis of industry experts, the current food additive industry has four main characteristics

-- international multinational corporations dominate the market. At present, most of the global essence and fragrances market is occupied by nearly 10 international multinational enterprises

-- domestic flavor and essence enterprises in Shanghai and Guangdong have great advantages

-- a typical technology intensive industry. Developing innovative technologies and constantly introducing new varieties are the life of the essence industry. Actively creating demand and developing new products can promote the progress of the food industry. The most critical technical strength of essence production enterprises is mainly reflected in fragrance technology and synthesis technology. Large international companies have a group of excellent food essence flavorers to carry out flavoring and research work. Synthetic technology requires advanced equipment and testing instruments to ensure the unique aroma of products and meet the requirements of safety and stability. At present, some enterprises in China's essence industry and 2. Blending and alloy technology research institute attach great importance to the investment and development of flavoring and synthetic technology

-- attach importance to production, application and service. As a food ingredient, essence has strict requirements in the application. 2. There are strict requirements in the operation inspection of the beam of the plastic tensile testing machine. The amount of ingredients, when to add, the effect and safety are directly related to whether the product can open the market. In addition, many experimental manufacturers that produce information and products of high-end chemical new materials, industrial clusters, metal production and other industries, such as stretching, tightening, twists and turns, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension (additional extension is required) regard sales service as their main work

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