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The current situation of foreign capital utilization in the printing industry

after China's entry into the WTO, it has become a general trend for foreign printing enterprises to enter China's printing market. In 2002, China approved 102 foreign-invested printing enterprises with a total investment of 568million US dollars and a total registered capital of 3.02 billion US dollars. In 2003, 84 foreign-invested printing enterprises were approved, with a total investment of 469 million US dollars and a total registered capital of 249 million US dollars. Among the more than 80000 publication printing enterprises in China, the "three capital" enterprises only account for 2.8%, but they have occupied a certain share in the publication printing market with abundant funds, first-class equipment, different psychological management and flexible business means. After the entry of foreign capital, it not only brings impact and challenges to the domestic printing market, but also provides us with the opportunity to use foreign capital and introduce foreign advanced technology if the 220V voltage of the power supply is unstable. Through absorption, digestion and innovation, we can improve our technological development ability, arm ourselves at a new height and improve our competitiveness in the international market. From a long-term point of view, China's entry into WTO will do more good than harm to the printing industry. The utilization of replication foreign capital in the printing industry and recording media in 2005 (unit: 10000 US dollars)

number of projects

contract amount of foreign capital utilized

actual amount of foreign capital utilized

absolute value




an increase (%) over the same period last year




according to the decision of the State Council on the cancellation of the third batch.And the decision to adjust the items of administrative examination and approval, Starting from July 1st, 2004, such as various electrical protection of the power link, units applying for the establishment of foreign-invested printing enterprises in China can go directly to the publishing administrative departments and commercial departments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government to go through the relevant establishment procedures

on August 4, 2005, the Chinese government formulated several opinions on the introduction of foreign investment in the cultural field (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which put forward clear "permitted" and "prohibited" matters for related work. This is the first time that the Chinese government has allowed foreign-funded enterprises to enter the publishing and printing field

the opinions allows foreign investors to set up enterprises in the form of sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation, such as packaging and decoration printing, distribution of books and newspapers, production of recordable optical discs, and management of works of art. Under the condition that the Chinese side holds more than 51% shares or the Chinese side holds a dominant position, foreign investors are allowed to set up enterprises such as publication printing and CD-ROM reproduction in the form of joint ventures and cooperation. Without prejudice to China's right to review the content of audio-visual products, foreign investors are allowed to establish audio-visual products distribution enterprises other than films in the way of cooperation and the leading role of leading enterprises played by China

source: China Investment Guide

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