Hottest PTA spot market daily on August 13, 2009

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On August 13, 2009, PTA spot market

pta spot: the transaction level price of mainstream spot cash self delivery in the inner market: 8100 yuan/ton

the transaction level price of offshore spot cash shipboard in the outer market: US dollars/ton

ccf PTA takeover index: 2

business agency, August 14 after the opening on Thursday, PTA spot atmosphere was once cautious, and PTA futures opened high and fell significantly, which once made buyers wait-and-see attitude, In the internal market, the spot offer gradually fell back to yuan/ton, and the price of buying wait-and-see intention is still within 8100 yuan/ton. In terms of external quotation, the seller still insists on the quotation in the morning, and the mainstream quotation intention is still at the level of USD/ton. Of course, the buyer's acceptance of the offer is still a little wait-and-see. After the sharp fluctuation of the market in the afternoon, there is still a certain gap in the market supply in the short term, especially because the supply of contracted goods of some suppliers is still delayed, which makes a small number of polyester enterprises have the action of moderately inquiring for goods in the spot market today, and traders also have the intention of gradually entering the spot market, such as toilet paper and wet wipes with a width of 25mm, after the price gradually drops. Affected by this, there was a deal at the price of 8100 yuan/ton in the afternoon. Some buyers have made inquiries at this price, and the market atmosphere stopped falling and stabilized. In terms of external market, generally, the seller still insists on the level of $960 or higher for the time being. Of course, the buyer's counter-offer is about $per ton. Today, I heard that a 1000 ton Thai spot was traded at $960 per ton in Zhejiang market, and another Korean spot was also traded at this price

pta unit, with the operating rate of BP Zhuhai unit gradually returning to normal, and the operating rate of some PTA units also tends to stabilize after the typhoon, so the domestic PTA operating rate rises again to about 92%. Tianjin Petrochemical PTA unit plans to arrange maintenance from August 18, and Jinshan petrochemical unit also has maintenance plans at the end of the month

in the downstream, the production and sales of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester are generally not suitable for the weak development of foldable intelligence. Most factories are successful, some factories are low, only about 40%, and some are relatively high, and their volume is small, which can be barely leveled. When some factory products are sold, the promotional action of making profits reappears. 2. Technical parameters

on the whole, the current PTA Market oscillates violently, and the spot fundamentals are intertwined obviously. The recent market temporarily oscillates around the high level of the expected range of the contract, and the foundation for sharp rises and falls is not solid

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