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On January 11, PS production and marketing dynamics of some enterprises

1. The operating rate of Yangzi BASF PS plant was maintained at 80%. One production line produced permethene and one production line produced modified benzene. Today's price remained stable. The quotation of permethene 143e and 158k was 13200 yuan/ton, the quotation of modified benzene 466f and 476l was 13700 yuan/ton. Many people thought it was inconceivable that the ton was quoted, and the quotation of 2710 was 13900 yuan/ton. The actual price was slightly low. The manufacturer's inventory was general, and the transaction was negotiated

2. One line of Shanghai Secco PS plant produces modified benzene, and one line produces permeable benzene. The operating rate is insufficient, and the ex factory price remains unchanged today. Let's take a look at the performance of wood-based panel universal testing machine. 23 the quotation of 12100 yuan/ton, 232/251 greatly enhances the core competitiveness of Yucheng enterprise, 12200 yuan/ton, 12900 yuan/ton for modified benzene 514, 13000 yuan/ton for 622. The actual price is low, the manufacturer's inventory is low, and the sales situation is general

3. The operating rate of the two lines of Zhanjiang xinzhongmei PS plant producing benzene 525 has dropped to 70%. Today, the ex factory price of benzene 525 is 12450 yuan/ton (delivery price), and the actual transaction discount is about yuan/ton. The modified benzene 535 is still out of stock

4. One line of Jiangsu Leiden PS produces permethene and one line produces modified benzene. Today, the price remains stable, with permethene 525 being 12300 yuan/ton and modified benzene 688 being 13000 yuan/ton. The actual transaction has a discount of about 200 yuan/ton

5. The 200000 ton PS device of Ningbo Taihua Chemical Co., Ltd. is in normal operation, with a daily output of about 100 tons. Today, the external quotation of 5250 is 12400 yuan/ton, with a small amount of external supply. One line of its device produces permethene, which is generally sold by manufacturers and has a preferential transaction

6. Two lines of Guangzhou Petrochemical PS plant operate at low load. One line produces permeating benzene and the other line produces modified benzene. The operating rate remains at about 60%. Today, the ex factory price remains stable, permeating benzene 525 is 11950 yuan/ton, modified benzene 660 is 12200 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer's inventory is not large

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