These major events will happen in the coating indu

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These major events will happen in the coating industry in 2019

these major events will happen in the coating industry in 2019

January 09, 2019

2018 is a very challenging year for many coating enterprises, including closures, write offs, unqualified quality, investigated and dealt with environmental protection, and frequent accidents... This year can be described as "ups and downs". Under the premise of the uncertainty of the world economy, there are still many variables in the domestic coating industry in the future. The following judgments are made on what major events will happen in the domestic coating industry in 2019:

1. Large migration of coating enterprises

since the issuance of the guidance of the general office of the State Council on promoting the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemical production enterprises in densely populated urban areas, In 2018, domestic provinces and cities successively formulated and released the relocation schedule of hazardous chemical production enterprises in various regions. Most coating and chemical enterprises will start the relocation in 2019. It is estimated that this relocation will involve tens of thousands of coating and chemical enterprises

2. The automation of coating production line will become a trend

in recent years, the domestic labor cost has increased at an alarming rate, which has put great pressure on the development of coating enterprises to manufacture, install and clamp metal anchor bolts and anchor clamps. Therefore, in order to reduce the pressure brought by labor costs and financial costs, many coating enterprises have begun to gradually replace and improve automated coating production lines, which will effectively reduce the operating costs of enterprises on the one hand, and greatly improve production efficiency on the other hand. It can be said that it will kill two birds with one stone. In 2019, automated coating production lines will become a trend

3. The thunder and rain of water-based industrial paint are small

with the support of the national oil to water reform background, in the past two years, domestic coating enterprises have entered the field of water-based industrial paint in a swarm without a comprehensive investigation and evaluation of the future market of water-based industrial paint, resulting in a mix of fish and dragons in the water-based industrial paint industry in the short term, and there has been an ultra-low price water-based industrial paint of 5 yuan, which has seriously disrupted the market. And from the current market situation, downstream demand is not as strong as expected. Therefore, paint procurement believes that the large-scale construction of water-based industrial paint projects will be suppressed in 2019, and the whole water-based industrial paint industry will enter a relatively calm period. In the future, the competition in the field of water-based industrial paint will also change from the scale competition of investment and plant construction to the competition of product quality

4. The period of high incidence of enterprise default is coming, so the jaw should be cleaned frequently.

in the past two years, the global economy has entered an economic downward range, adding to the poor domestic market demand, which has seriously affected the development of the domestic coating industry. As a result, some domestic coating enterprises are heavily indebted, and it may become a normal situation to have difficulty in collecting money and the capital chain is broken. Triangle debt and multi angle debt will be the last straw to bring down enterprises. Therefore, whether it can survive or not, 2019 is very critical

5. It is unlikely that the price of raw materials will rise sharply, and some subdivided raw materials will face the possibility of plummeting

recently, the state has made corresponding adjustments to the import and export taxes of some coatings and raw material products, reducing the import tariffs to a large extent, which is good news for foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market, and the advantages of imported raw materials and coating products in China will be more obvious, This is a great test for domestic raw material enterprises. In recent years, the continuous sharp rise in the price of domestic raw materials has something to do with the domestic supply side reform, the oligarchy formed in some industries, and the extremely strong market pricing power. In the case of opening up to the international market in 2019 and weak domestic demand, it is difficult to support the continued sharp rise in the price of raw materials, and some raw materials that are easy to be replaced by imports will fall in price, or even plummet

6. The phenomenon of factory selling and acquisition of coating chemical enterprises will increase.

it is not difficult to see that many domestic enterprises have a strong willingness to sell factories this year. In addition to the weak global market demand, PCL is a semi crystalline linear polyester, and domestic coating enterprises are struggling. Many small coating enterprises will consider selling factories to survive, Large paint enterprises will strengthen mergers and acquisitions, and embrace the way of heating to spend the "cold winter"

7. Policy dividends will continue to be released this year, and maintaining stability is the main tone.

private enterprises are the backbone of China's economic development. Recently, state leaders attach great importance to the development of private enterprises. They have made important speeches to support private enterprises, and more importantly, they have issued tax relief subsidies for enterprises that do not lay off staff or have fewer layoffs, so as to create better development space for private enterprises. Therefore, it is predicted that more policies conducive to the development of private enterprises will be introduced in 2019 to promote the healthy development of private enterprises

8. The black swan incident will occur at a high rate

in recent years, many coating enterprises have actively responded to national environmental protection policies, and the coating industry has set off a wave of factory construction. According to incomplete statistics, more than 200 coating enterprises invested heavily in building factories in 2018. However, from the current market demand situation, many coating enterprises' investment is too blind and radical, which is likely to cause the fracture of the enterprise capital chain under the influence of weak demand in the future, Caused the black swan incident

9. There is an upside down phenomenon between enterprises and employees, and all research and development, inspection and testing institutions should carry out corresponding strict safety tests on battery products. In the future, it will be difficult to find a job in the main tone

with the local governments shutting down the "scattered and dirty" chemical enterprises, plus the large relocation of chemical enterprises across the country in the future, more non-technical personnel will face unemployment, which will become a trend in the future. Through the domestic recruitment leader, 51job released 2.85 million job advertisements at the beginning of the year, which fell to 2.08 million in May, slightly higher than 1 million from June to August, and only 830000 in September, with a sharp decrease of more than 2 million in half a year. Taobao, JD mall, Baidu and Tencent are all downsizing, not to mention the physical enterprises represented by Foxconn, so the number of enterprises and positions are inverted with the number of employees. The future is not for employees to choose enterprises, but for enterprises to choose employees

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