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On December 11, PS production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. Today, two lines of Zhanjiang new Sino American PS plant produce 5 ldquo; Money rdquo; Jingyoubentou 25, the operating rate reduced to 75%. The benzene penetration rate is based on the 1281 general range selection principle: the tensile strength of garment leather is 0~50kg; 0~100kg upper leather; The sole leather is 0 250kg50 yuan/ton. The manufacturer sells it in general, the inventory is normal, and the transaction is negotiated

2. Guangzhou Petrochemical PS production is normal and the quotation is stable. At present, the price of benzene permeating 525 is 12650 yuan/ton, and the price of benzene changing 660 is 12900 yuan/ton. The PS plant continues to operate at low load for two lines, one for benzene penetration and the other for benzene modification. The operating rate is only maintained at about 60%

3. Yanshan Petrochemical PS unit is in normal production, and the ex factory price remains stable. Today, the ex factory price of 666d is 12300 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales are general, and the inventory is normal. The quotation in the surrounding market is 12300 yuan/ton

4. The ex factory quotation of Yangzi BASF PS is stable. For the purpose of benzene penetration 143e and 158k low-carbon environmental protection, the quotation is 13500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of benzene modification 466f and 476l is 13900 yuan/ton. Yesterday's sales were general. A single deal was executed. The manufacturer's inventory is high. One unit produces benzene penetration and one line produces benzene modification. The operating rate is 90%

5. One line of Shanghai Secco PS plant produces benzene instead of benzene, and one line produces permeable benzene. The operating rate is about 60%. After the ex factory price was lowered yesterday, the manufacturer's sales were general, and the inventory was basically normal. Today's 123 quotation is 12600 yuan/ton, 232/251 quotation is 12700 yuan/ton, 514 quotation is 13100 yuan/ton, 622 quotation is 13200 yuan/ton

6. The operating rate of Jiangsu Leiden PS is about 90%. Currently, the quoted price of benzene permeating 525 is 13000 yuan/ton, and the quoted price of benzene changing 688 is 13400 yuan/ton. The sales is general. The transaction is subject to a single negotiation, and the device operates smoothly. One line produces benzene permeating and one line produces benzene changing

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