Hottest production technology management system

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Production technology management system

Article 1 improvement of production technology the production manager puts forward a plan for improving production technology to the general manager, who will study and make a decision on it. Article 2 introduction of production technology when the company introduces technology from outside, the manager of the production department should study the original text of the introduction contract and ask the Department responsible for this work to explain the relationship between the cost and results after the introduction of foreign technology. Article 3 technology transfer when the company transfers technology to the outside, the manager of the production department should study and check the content of the transfer, and discuss the result of the transfer with the Department responsible for this work. Article 4 publication of production technology 1 When the production technology of the company is to be published to the society, the published manuscript should be submitted to the manager of the production department for review. This experimental machine conforms to the national standard "Specification for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete" for reading, and can be made public after its approval. 2. When outsiders visit the company for study, they must obtain the consent of the manager of the production department or the general manager. Article 5 regulations of the production technology research association 1 Responsibilities the work responsibilities of the production technology research association are to study and coordinate the following work: (1) improve and improve production technology; (2) Study the production technology of new products; (3) Various problems in engineering, quality, test and management; (4) The introduction of production technology and the publication of technological research results. 2. The members of the production technology research association include the production department manager, deputy manager, production director, general manager and managers of relevant departments. The director of the Institute, the director of the research office and other relevant technical personnel shall attend the meeting as required. 3. Superior filament has been providing 3D printing wire RPE (pre-sale price of $24.95) made of soda water and mineral water bottles for operation. Where regular technical research meetings are held, how to install the concrete pressure testing machine and what are the operating procedures? 4 Manager of the production department of nano and powder metallurgy new material preparation and utilization technology; The person in charge of the Department that raises the topic shall be the temporary technical research meeting; The production director is responsible for routine inspection. 4. Meeting time for regular technical research meetings, once a month; All temporary meetings shall be held at any time. The production manager is the convener of the meeting. 5. Topic decision (1) before the 10th day of the monthly meeting, the manager of the production department shall record the topic and purpose of the meeting and report to the general manager. (2) The manager of the production department shall decide on the topics three days before the meeting, and notify all members, with relevant materials attached. 6. Meeting minutes the general manager's office is responsible for the meeting minutes of this seminar. Article 6 the formulation, modification and repeal of this system shall be discussed at the executive meeting of the company and decided by the deputy general manager of the company in charge of production technology. Article 7 the implementation of this system shall be implemented from the date of promulgation

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