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With the domestic public health events being effectively controlled, especially the opening of the channel from Wuhan to Hubei on April 8, the resumption of production in the downstream of glass factories across the country will continue to improve. Domestic float glass plays a leading role as a backbone enterprise in the deep processing of glass for action. As a whole, we have audited 80% of our products, and the operating rate is 75% - 85%. Some large-scale deep processing enterprises are in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, hot water Machinery, medical appliances, food processing machinery and other fields are widely used, and processing can reach more than 90%. Affected by the severe environmental protection situation in North China, many float production lines in Shahe area have been cold repaired, involving a production capacity of more than 2000 tons/day. At present, the domestic glass market as a whole has achieved production and sales balance

in the past two weeks, the inventory of domestic glass factories has stopped falling. Affected by this, domestic glass factories have raised prices to boost market confidence. Although there is little real implementation, the actual transaction price of glass has stopped falling. At present, the high inventory of glass factories is still the main pressure on the glass market. Before the inventory fails to fall to the normal level, the industry competition will continue to be fierce, and the possibility and strength of the short-term actual transaction price rise are not expected to be great

as the weather warms up, the market expects the recovery of downstream demand to accelerate the glass factory to go to the warehouse to usher in the rise of prices. In general, due to the balance between production and sales of glass factories, the future demand is expected to be good, and the glass factories in Hubei and other places have given the price protection policy, so there is little room for further decline in the spot price of glass, but the short-term increase is limited under the high inventory, and the market is waiting for the demand to change the price

the cooperation between China and Asian and European countries is in the best period in history

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