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2018 inventory of construction machinery - the dust of environmental protection upgrading is settled

[Tiejia original] in 2018, the most profound thing for the majority of construction machinery users is the release of the Ministry of ecological environment's 2018 Document No. 34 "technical policy for pollution prevention and control of non Road mobile machinery" on August 19. This means that the implementation of the fourth national standard for construction machinery in 2020 is a foregone conclusion. All disputes have settled. Both construction machinery enterprises and industry users have seen the state's attitude towards environmental pollution control, and have responded to the policy of environmental protection upgrading, with a view to seizing this opportunity for change in environmental protection upgrading

it is the engine enterprises in the industry that take the lead. The upgrading of environmental protection brings huge demand for the upgrading of engines in the whole industry. Engine enterprises are scrambling for the dividends brought by environmental protection upgrading

among them, Yuchai Tongji power released 10 diesel engines that meet the four standards of non road countries at this year's strategic conference. The 10 non Road National four products, including the technical conditions of a, F and K three fixed general lamps GB 13037 ⑼ 1 major technology platform and 10 series of products, are the products of Yuchai comprehensive planning, positioning high quality and high cost performance. The power, fuel economy and NVH have been comprehensively upgraded, achieving the international leading level. They are suitable for all types of agricultural equipment and engineering machinery, and can meet the diverse needs of different customers

at the BMW exhibition, Cummins unveiled its 8.9-liter L-Series engine as the representative of the off-road national four (csiv) power of the whole line. On the same stage, Cummins also unveiled its first off-road electric power product in China, which represents that Cummins has been committed to pursuing the goal of more environmental protection of construction machinery power

in addition, platinum Perkins also exhibited five new models of engines this year, which have excellent internal research and development and meet China's non road phase IV emission standards. The purpose is to lay a solid foundation for further cultivation in the Chinese market. Perkins said that their solutions designed to meet the national four standards will be different from those launched in Europe and the United States. The task of developing the national four standard engine is entrusted to Perkins' R & D center in Wuxi. This team fully understands the needs of Chinese customers. Perkins will provide customers with a complete engine lineup and customized solutions to see whether the power supply is suitable for all models

in addition to releasing new products, these engine enterprises also launched replacement engine solutions for users facing environmental protection policies who need to upgrade machinery, so that users can overcome the difficulties of improving emission standards for environmental protection upgrading by replacing the purchase of new machines with refurbished machinery

environmental protection upgrade B. the trend of fixture application to high-efficiency level has been settled in 2018. Construction machinery and equipment need to meet the fourth national emission standard in 2020, and even connect with international environmental protection standards in 2025. For the future, the construction machinery industry is no longer only pursuing high growth as the goal, but needs to pursue high quality, high standards, high energy conservation and high environmental protection. This change will certainly bring a broader development space for the machinery industry with a total output of 45.75 million tons of box board and corrugated paper in China in 2016

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