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[inventory] big orders keep looking at the "good start" of the construction machinery sprint in the first quarter

[sorting out] spring returns to the earth, and Vientiane returns to spring. With the arrival of spring, the construction machinery market in 2019 is more popular, and many construction machinery manufacturing enterprises have also ushered in a "good start". According to the latest report of a financial institution on the machinery industry, it is expected that (2) the cone oil groove of the buffer valve that cannot be conditioned is too deep or the valve body is not closely connected with the base. In the first quarter of this year, the sales volume of construction machinery will exceed expectations, of which the monthly industry growth is about 35%, and the monthly excavator sales volume in February is more than 17000, with a year-on-year and month on month growth of more than 50%. In terms of other categories, it is expected to increase by more than 40% year-on-year in the first quarter, and concrete by more than 50% year-on-year

today, we will take a detailed inventory of the "big opening orders" of various construction machinery manufacturing enterprises in 2019

first, all kinds of machinery made a large order of billion yuan in the beginning of the year

1. Both broke through billion yuan. XCMG entered the top 100 international ports in large tonnage.

on January 4, at the XCMG intelligent manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders, XCMG delivered large tonnage loaders to Lianyungang port, a top 100 international port of 100 million tons, with a cumulative turnover of more than billion yuan. Xugong large tonnage loader ushered in a "good start" and won the first order of the new year with a great historical breakthrough

delivery ceremony site

for XCMG loading machinery, this order is not only a good start to the new year, but also a confirmation that large tonnage loaders once again break through foreign monopoly and show the strength of national brands. Among them, two lw1000kn are the largest tonnage products that XCMG has entered the port at present. At the same time, the monopoly of Lianyungang Port Group's international brand of super tonnage loaders above 11 tons has been broken

2. XCMG crane with a value of more than 100million has helped the great development of Xinjiang

at the beginning of the 2019 new year, 500 Xinjiang hoisting benchmarking entrepreneurs gathered in Urumqi to seek a new chapter in the hoisting development of Xinjiang. The development summit received high attention from local governments, chambers of Commerce, industry associations and media from all walks of life. On site orders were hot. XCMG cranes worth more than 100million yuan, including xca1200, were delivered, which also indicates that Xinjiang hoisting has ushered in an outbreak year

PENG AI, general manager of Northwest marketing center of XCMG lifting machinery division, shared with on-site customers XCMG crane's R & D and manufacturing advantages based on the full life cycle of products

3. XCMG's 14 milling machines were exported to Central Asia in batches again

in 2018, customers in Central Asia purchased 44 XCMG milling machines in batches, breaking the industry's batch export record. Over the past year, with its excellent construction performance and reliability, XCMG milling machines received another follow-up order from 14 major customers in Central Asia at the beginning of the 2019 new year, once again proving the strong rise of domestic milling machines with strength

XCMG's 14 milling machines are exported to Central Asia in batches again

4. XCMG tower crane's single large order of more than 200million yuan calls prefabricated buildings

on February 20, the first batch of equipment departure ceremony for XCMG tower crane's single large order of more than 200million yuan was held in Xuzhou manufacturing base, and the equipment was delivered in batches to the national prefabricated building demonstration city - Shanghai, marking that XCMG tower crane accelerated to seize the first opportunity of prefabricated buildings, The brand goal of "domestic first choice, world-class" has reached a new level

XCMG tower crane welcomes a good start

II. Heavy scientific order. However, PMMA has the following main limitations: high hardness, difficulty in measuring intraocular pressure after implantation, and uncomfortable initial wear, which requires a long time to adapt; The adhesion of epidermal cells is poor, which can not form a continuous corneal long skin, and there is a risk of latent infection, leakage and corneal lysis after operation; In early January, the spring ordering meeting of Zoomlion Southwest Branch was held in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou and Chongqing respectively, inviting a total of more than 600 customers. The theme of this spring ordering meeting is "win-win development, gratitude to peers". With the end of the last order meeting - Guizhou station, the signed orders of all venues were released one after another: 73million orders for Luzhou Station, 60million orders for Kunming station, 35million orders for Dali station, 30million orders for Chongqing station... A total of 300million yuan, setting the theme of "harvest" for the market of Zoomlion Southwest Branch in 2019

Zoomlion southwest branch spring ordering meeting Yunnan Station site

2. Zoomlion Jianqi welcomes the "good start" departure ceremony to start a new journey

on February 11, 62 trailers loaded with Zoomlion construction cranes slowly drove to all parts of the country, laying a solid foundation for the "good start" in 2019. After the hard work of all the employees of Hunan Zoomlion construction and Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion for short), the sales side has been favorable frequently. The sales order has exceeded 1billion yuan before the year, creating a very good start. Zoomlion has a long way to go to build a 10 billion journey, which adds a heavy touch to the large-scale and intelligent construction of Zoomlion, and adds another brilliance to the industrial development of Changde

the site of the launch ceremony of Zoomlion

3. Zoomlion delivered 250million star products

on February 14, Zoomlion held a good start event with the theme of "smart manufacturing to a new height, creating a great future - striving for 2019" in Changsha Zoomlion science and Technology Park, Hunan Province. At the same time, Zoomlion held a booming departure ceremony in major parks across the country, covering business sectors such as concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery, aerial work machinery and fire fighting machinery. Star products with a total value of more than 250million yuan were delivered to customers everywhere from Zoomlion Lugu, quantang, Wangcheng and other industrial parks

more than 100 truck crane products of Zoomlion have been sent to all parts of the country

4. The Changsha station of Zoomlion concrete machinery national tour received 200million orders

on February 22, the national tour of Zoomlion concrete machinery with the theme of "smart concrete building and building a beautiful China" kicked off in Changsha, the capital of engineering machinery in China. The products with excellent performance have been favored by the majority of customers. Coupled with the Thanksgiving preferential policies launched by Zoomlion, the signing ceremony pushed the event to a climax. "50 sets of mixing plant production lines", "100 mixing trucks", "10 pump trucks plus 20 mixing trucks"... A series of large orders have been released. As the first stop of the tour, Changsha station in Central China has made a good start for the national tour with an on-site signing of 200million yuan

the national tour exhibition of Zoomlion concrete machinery was launched

5. Zoomlion signed nearly 2.6 billion strategic cooperation contracts with key customers in East China

on February 24, the "2019 strategic cooperation signing ceremony" of Zoomlion East China branch was grandly held in Songjiang, Shanghai. At the meeting, Zoomlion signed strategic cooperation agreements with 57 industry benchmark enterprises in East China, with a total signing amount of nearly 2.6 billion yuan, triggering a hot market in the construction machinery industry in 2019. It is reported that the contract is mainly signed for concrete machinery and construction hoisting machinery. Among them, the contract amount of concrete machinery products exceeds 900million yuan; The contract amount of construction hoisting machinery products is more than 1.6 billion yuan, and 600 concrete distribution cooperation is also signed

group photo of representatives of strategic cooperation signing enterprises and Zoomlion

III. a good start, a large number of Sany equipment rushed to the world

1. Sany C10 concrete equipment was launched in Chengdu, with a transaction of 250million yuan on the same day

on January 20, the 2019 customer appreciation and new product launch of Sany with the theme of "concrete heart dream · Zhilian cloud" was grandly held in Chengdu, Sichuan, and sany C10 series products were launched in Sichuan. At the event, more than 60 pump trucks, 10 mixer trucks, 60 mixer trucks and 30 mixing plants were sold, with a total contract amount of more than 250million yuan. During the event, immediately after the promotion of C10 products, customers directly blindly purchased equipment worth 35million yuan. China has not explored new materials for sand prevention and control. The use of high-density polyethylene materials, configuration, payment methods, etc., fully reflects customers' trust in Sany brand. According to reports, in addition to 250million orders on the day of the event, orders will continue to increase in the next few days

2. Sany excavator sold nearly 200 units in two days.

people worked hard and spring came early. In the first two days, Sany excavator sold nearly 200 units of various models, continuing the hot market and making a good start in the new year. On the same day, the reception halls were almost crowded with customers who bought equipment. The hot market has also brought about new changes - customers no longer bargain as before, but start when they feel the price is appropriate

Nearly 200 Sany excavators sold well in two days

3. Drivers from all over the country came to pick up the car, and 30 pump road equipment were shipped in Changsha.

on February 11, lights were decorated inside and outside the smart workshop at No. 18, Changsha Industrial Park, and workers were happy and busy in production. Cart drivers from Xinjiang, Fujian, Shanghai, Henan, Yunnan and other places gathered here to pick up the car. According to statistics, on the 11th day, a total of 11 pump trucks, 7 on-board pumps, 7 and 5 set out from the east gate of Changsha Industrial Park. In addition, Changde base also sent away 8 trucks of mixing equipment. In the new year, the brand-new Sany pump road equipment is flying, and we are going to "spring" with people all over the country

drivers from all over the country came to pick up cars, and 30 pump road equipment were delivered in Changsha.

4. The absolute main force has been on the road, and 44 Sany cranes have been driven to the world.

on the commencement day, 44 Sany truck cranes drove out of the gate of Sany Ningxiang Industrial Park and sent to Hebei, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Guangdong and other places, making contributions to the national infrastructure construction in the new year. Sany stc250t crane is the absolute main force in this team, with hard configuration and strong performance. It has become a generation of "king of popularity", and its market appeal is increasing day by day

44 Sany cranes are bound for the world

Sany service vehicles, special inspection vehicles and service personnel also set out with the crane. The opening of new year inspection will provide the most powerful guarantee for customers

5. Three high and one strong are fully equipped! At 8:18 on the first day of construction, Beijing Sany intelligent manufacturing held a grand shipping ceremony. Sany augers ranging from 15 tons to 45 tons are lined up in a row, fully assembled and vigorous. Among them, the number of sr285 is the largest. With the characteristics of high reliability, high stability, high efficiency and strong rock penetration, sr285 rotary drilling rig is favored by the market. These augers will be delivered to customers all over the country and contribute to the construction of infrastructure in all parts of the country in the new year

16 sets of Sany augers were launched in full package

6. 4020 sets of contracts were signed. The opening ceremony of the first Sany truck Festival and the first battle of the spring group purchase meeting were won

on February 25, the opening ceremony of the first Sany truck Festival and the spring group purchase meeting with the theme of "all things come together" officially kicked off in Changsha, Hunan Province, as the "appetizer" group purchase meeting of this Sany truck festival was extremely popular, When Zhang Xiaoshuai, general manager of Sany Heavy Truck marketing, announced the group purchase policy, thunderous applause and cries broke out on the scene, and there was a long queue at the booking office. Finally, the on-site group purchase won an order of 4020 units, achieving a good start

on site contract signing link

IV. domestic and foreign markets frequently received large orders and ushered in a happy new year

1. Anhui Liugong spring order Fair won 500 orders

on January 16, 2019 Anhui Liugong spring order fair with the theme of "10000 units to usher in a new era" was successfully held in Bengbu base of Anhui Liugong global customer training experience center. The products launched at this order meeting cover C series Liugong cranes and all models, and the preferential intensity is unprecedented. The spring order meeting of Liugong, Anhui Province was held in

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