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Take stock of the seven keywords of the coating industry in 2011

take stock of the seven keywords of the coating industry in 2011

December 26, 2011

[the commercial utilization of graphene may take longer than expected. China coating information] 2011 is an unforgettable year for the coating industry. The introduction of the house property purchase restriction order at the beginning of the year caused severe damage to the downstream coating market. In addition, the macroeconomic environment has changed, the prices of raw materials and labor have surged, the market demand has slowed down, and the competition among industries has become white hot... In the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, the coating industry has experienced a brutal transformation and reshuffle

we are gratified that the pressure of the general environment forces enterprises to seek new development models, explore new channels and fields, strengthen their internal skills, and constantly innovate marketing methods. Through various efforts, the paint industry has shown a different outlook in 2011

at the end of the year, the author reviews the hot keywords inspired by the ups and downs of the coating industry in the past year, hoping to encourage people in the industry and outline a clear pattern for the market development in the next year

cold winter of coatings

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this year, affected by many factors such as the downturn of the real estate market, the cooling market, the rise in rent, the rise in the price of raw materials and so on, "winter is coming" has almost become a mantra of the building materials and home furnishing industry, and the coating industry is no exception. Especially in the second half of the year, the industry media published many articles, such as "many factors will affect the coating industry will face a difficult winter", "make four" new clothes "to make the coating industry easy in the cold winter", "when the cold winter comes, the coating factory should not lose in the" hibernation "and then remove the servo valve to the market", which caused heated discussion. Even in the peak season of traditional decoration, the sales performance of "golden nine and silver ten" is not ideal, and many insiders can't hold

especially small and medium-sized coating enterprises are struggling. Zhou ye, vice president of RT Mart paint, said on his microblog some time ago: "72.45% of small enterprises are expected to have no profits or small losses in the next six months, and 3.29% of small enterprises are expected to have large losses or close down in the next six months. The decline in profits has become the most difficult barrier for small enterprises this year." Zhou ye also said on Weibo: "To some extent, I hope this bad economic situation will last for a period of time, so that the tide will subside and naked swimmers will be out!


the coating industry, which once developed at a high speed, is undergoing a brutal shuffle and transformation period. We see that while some coating enterprises are suffering from the disaster, some enterprises are vigorously exploring new markets. To some extent, such integration is conducive to the healthy development of China's coating industry Exhibition, and realize the stride from a large paint country to a powerful paint country. Whether it is a crisis or a turnaround varies from person to person. Strengthening their "health" is the way for enterprises to be invincible. I believe that the so-called "cold winter" is for those coating enterprises that lack competitive products and marketing ideas, those coating enterprises with low inventory turnover and high debt risk, and those coating enterprises that do not pay attention to "internal skills" and have poor internal operation

affordable housing market

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2011 is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan. According to the national plan, 36million units of affordable housing will be built during the "12th Five Year Plan", of which 10million units are planned to be built in 2011, which is the largest year of affordable housing construction in China's history. It is understood that the investment in affordable housing projects this year may reach 1.4 trillion yuan. According to the calculation that paint coating accounts for 5%, it can drive paint sales of 70billion yuan, and the market demand is amazing. In the context of the overall market environment is not optimistic, the affordable housing market has become a "life-saving straw" in the eyes of many coating enterprises. However, at the same time, negative events such as "problematic paint" on the construction site of the largest affordable housing in Hainan "aroused waves for a time, making public opinion more multipolar. There is no doubt that the topic of" affordable housing "has become the hottest focus of the paint industry


at present, although major brands such as China Resources and meitushi have entered the affordable housing market, not many well-known brands have shown great enthusiasm for it. Because indemnificatory housing is different from ordinary commercial housing, as the government's benefit project, the cost of indemnificatory housing must be controlled, which requires high quality and low price. On the premise of ensuring quality, the profit space of enterprises must be reduced. However, 2012 is the year when the affordable housing starts to be completed and painted on a large scale. If the coating enterprises can put social benefits in a more important position, carefully do a good job in the affordable housing market, improve the corporate image with integrity and quality, and give more benefits to consumers, they will be able to win the trust of a larger and stable consumer group


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for a long time, the building materials and home furnishing industry has encountered two barriers to entering the field of e-commerce: one is the non standardized characteristics of goods, and the other is logistics. In particular, there has always been the saying of "three products and seven construction", which has certain particularity in logistics and after-sales service. Before 2011, although coating enterprises coveted the prospect of network sales, they dared not take a step for a long time

since March, 2010, after Nippon withdrew the ban on opening stores, it finally took action in the second half of 2011: Nippon company announced the official completion of the three shopping platforms of Nippon official flagship store, Taobao Mall flagship store and Sina home flagship store, and Nippon has since entered the era of comprehensive shopping. On November 11, the day of Taobao Mall promotional activities, Nippon's one-day sales reached more than 5 million yuan. Nippon's achievements point out the direction for other coating enterprises: e-commerce is the general trend. This year, in addition to nippon, Dulux, sankeshu, China Resources and other brands have entered Taobao Mall, with hot sales. It is understood that among national brands, three trees basically have a monthly sales of 1million, while new "residents" of Taobao Mall, such as Metz, carlys, 3A environmental paint, are also planning to make a big show


coating products 4. The nature of high accuracy determines that enterprises must have longer preparation before entering the field of e-commerce. First of all, we need to solve the problem of the price system of online and offline products, and second, whether the complex after-sales service can be followed up in time. In addition, most paint products are bottled liquids, and many express companies are unwilling to accept orders, which means that e-commerce in the paint industry needs to establish its own logistics system, or make full use of existing distribution points. Despite the difficulties, we are excited that paint enterprises have finally made a big step in the field of e-commerce in 2011. However, if the coating industry wants to fully adapt to online sales, it should not only establish a new cooperation mode with dealers, but also wait for the birth of a new consumption habit

new product development

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competitive products and product lines are an important part of ensuring the market share of enterprises. In 2011, in the era of industry reshuffle and change, China Tu must set up a separate oil return material enterprise to improve the production process, meet the market taste and update the products in time. In the wall paint market, "environmental protection" has always been the theme that has to be promoted. This year, enterprises are doing their best to innovate and upgrade the concept of "environmental protection" in order to win the attention of consumers. For example, Dulux launched a new environmentally friendly coating "no additive" series coating, and sankeshu promoted a new aviation concept "space wall paint", but the most prominent one seems to be the "white bamboo charcoal" healthy wall paint of Metz

when countless large and small paint brands are still selling products with "bamboo charcoal" as the selling point, a wind of "white bamboo charcoal" suddenly swept across the market in 2011. It seems that overnight, metropolitan newspapers, portal stations, industry stations, regional stations, home forums and other media all rushed to report and reprint the "listing of the industry's first white bamboo charcoal health paint", making "white bamboo charcoal" suddenly become a hot keyword in the industry. Through massive online publicity and new product launches in various places offline, the newly launched "white bamboo charcoal healthy wall paint" of Metz introduced its strong adsorption and purification effect of "white bamboo charcoal" different from "ordinary bamboo charcoal" and its unique concept of "natural microcirculation system" to the market


this year's "white bamboo charcoal" new product marketing of Metz is indeed commendable. Online advertising is overwhelming, not only appearing frequently in industry media, but also in local newspapers and media (Southern Metropolis Daily, Xinjiang Metropolis Daily, Hefei evening news, Yangtze River business daily, etc.) and large portal stations (Sina, Tencent, Yi, etc.). The offline activities are also closely combined. The grand new product launches around the country, "white bamboo charcoal vs. home killer" sitcom roadshow, "black and white bamboo charcoal comparative adsorption test experience" and other activities are presented synchronously, and the market response and sales performance are also gratifying. In today's increasingly homogeneous coating products, how to do a good job in "new product marketing"? The experience of meitushi may be used for reference

Weibo marketing

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in 2011, the trend of enterprise Weibo marketing was fierce, and paint enterprises were no exception. Nippon, Dulux, jialish, meitushi, China Resources, Jiabaoli and other brands have opened enterprise microblogs to test the water of microblog marketing. Weibo activities in various forms, such as prize forwarding, lucky turntable, smashing golden eggs, etc., attract the attention of fans to improve popularity. Among them, the most powerful carlys lacquer microblogging marketing has become the paint brand with the largest number and forms of activities through a series of microblogging activities such as "planting trees for love", "award-winning quiz Li Bingbing renewal", "adding color to love". At present, the number of fans of sina's official microblogging has reached more than 160000, and the audience of Tencent's microblogging has reached more than 50000


"behind every Weibo user, there is a living consumer". In 2011, Weibo marketing has become a marketing method respected by many businesses, and brand publicity, sales, and even customer service have become a communication channel that cannot be ignored. However, at present, the microblog marketing of coating enterprises is not mature, and it has not been able to build a replicable and long-term microblog marketing model and achieve widespread influence. As a coating industry with low attention from consumers, we still need to constantly explore how to make a big contribution on this small platform


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Nippon and Dulux, the two most famous foreign enterprises in China's coating industry, continued to play the "color card" in 2011. This year, Nippon's "color for love" and Dulux's "shine together" launched a close fight: "color for love" is a hope project public welfare project launched by Nippon since 2009. In 2011, Nippon called on everyone to "refresh your life" every day through the popular microblogging interaction, and carried out vividly in combination with offline public welfare activities; Duluxpro, on the other hand, created the "let's colour fund together for the public welfare fund". During the months long event, friends were asked to submit their own color fund plans, say where they want to paint, and help the winners organize a number of "painting volunteer teams". The efforts of the two enterprises in color marketing have made consumers show more spiritual and psychological demands for the wall color of families in the market


in 2011, color is contained in coating culture and brand image

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