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The progress and development of modern science and technology enable mankind to explore more unknowns, but these scientific explorations are inseparable from advanced scientific equipment. Then, next, we have also made great contributions to the development of experimental machines in China. Let's take stock of those magic weapons

Fermilab in northern Minnesota has 14000 tons of Nova neutrino detector, which will also increase the price. It may be the largest independent plastic structure in the world, with a large amount of liquid filled substances inside, that is, 95% mineral oil. These materials will be used as liquid scintillators for neutrino detectors. When neutrinos collide with liquid particles, scientists can detect the flash released. The raw material comes from an oil refinery in southwest Louisiana

the opera detector at Gran Sasso national laboratory uses another method to capture neutrinos. Scientists designed lead bricks wrapped in aluminum foil and built a particle capture wall consisting of 150000 lead bricks, each weighing 18 pounds. When neutrinos enter the capture device, they will produce other particles and leave stripes. So the laboratory installed 11 robots, whose daily task is to check whether neutrinos leave traces on the bricks

The Large Hadron Collider of the European Institute of particle physics is known as the "most powerful particle accelerator" in the world. The Large Hadron Collider is located 175 meters underground near Geneva. It has a magnetizing ring 27 kilometers long. The two beams of particles can collide with each other at the speed of light, and the collision location is very close to the four particle detectors around the magnetizing ring. By detecting particle collisions, scientists hope to understand how the universe formed

"ice cube" -- cosmic particle detector

scientists have built an ice cube laboratory in Antarctica, which is composed of 86 cables equipped with sensors, extending more than a mile down from the ice. When cosmic rays interact with other particles, they can produce neutrinos, accompanied by Cherenkov light. Therefore, scientists installed 5000 optical detection devices around the ice cube to capture the blue light generated by neutrino activity

back to dawn -- James Webb Space Telescope

NASA spent 20 years and nearly $8.8 billion on the monster telescope. The Hubble telescope, which has powerful infrared detection ability and far surpasses the Hubble telescope in active service in the United States

the Weber telescope can receive the infrared light emitted by these early galaxies and trace the history of 500million to 1billion years after the big bang. That is, the period of "cosmic reionization"

during this period, stellar quasars and galaxies began to form, giving off dawn, and the universe bid farewell to the "Dark Age" and entered the "bright age"

but at present, people do not know how this process occurs, and no one has seen those initial stars

if the Weber telescope can be successfully launched and operated, it will provide great help for scientists to study the formation of stars

Chinese celestial eye -- giant spherical electric telescope

with this huge "celestial eye", researchers can spy on the information of interplanetary interaction, observe dark matter, determine the mass of black holes, and even search for possible extraterrestrial civilizations. Many unique skills make it a leader in the world's radio telescopes, which will also provide important opportunities for new discoveries in the world's astronomy. Compared with the 100 meter telescope in Bonn, Germany, the sensitivity of the "heavenly eye" is increased by about 10 times; Compared with the American Arecibo 350 meter telescope, the comprehensive performance of the "heavenly eye" is also improved by about 10 times. The "heavenly eye" can receive electromagnetic signals 13.7 billion light-years away. From September 25th, 2016, the "eye of heaven" with a radius of 5 kilometers will become a "silent area". The behemoth began to open its "eyes" and focus on capturing signals from the deep space of the universe

China Shenwei - light of Taihu Lake - supercomputer group

supercomputers are known as "the country's heavy weapons". Supercomputing belongs to the strategic high-tech field, is the scientific and technological commanding height competed by countries all over the world, and is also one of the important symbols of a country's effective scientific and technological strength in alleviating pain and improving functions. Since the implementation of China's 863 program, the state has attached great importance to and supported the research and development of supercomputing systems. However, due to its weak foundation and late start, it has been controlled in the international arena. The United States announced in 2015 that it would ban the sale of high-performance processors to China. But American scientists never thought that the supercomputer independently developed by China could be so awesome. The top three supercomputers, including Tianhe 1 and Tianhe 2


waste plastic recycling plants do not look back on the development of instruments and meters in China. We can always find that there is a stage of learning from western countries in many fields for products independently developed in China. How to achieve transcendence and even lead is worth thinking about in China's national instrument manufacturing industry. In the industry environment based on advanced technology, we should pay attention to the progress of science and technology and the times, and constantly improve China's development in the international field, which is worthy of our joint efforts and efforts

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