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An inventory of the 2012 global printing industry investment, mergers and acquisitions and bankruptcy events

recently, the famous British industry printing media "printing weekly" conducted an inventory of major events in the global printing industry in 2012, mainly involving major investments, mergers and acquisitions and bankruptcy events. The following is a brief content:

in February 2012,

Blue Printing Group entered bankruptcy protection Proceedings (except for web rotary offset printing business), mainly because it did not strictly evaluate the acquisition of additional interests of Aldrich printing group

Manroland Pingzhang printing system Co., Ltd. was acquired by Langley holdings, and Manroland rotary printing system Co., Ltd. was acquired by German Bossel group

Bezier appointed James Barkley, a layman in printing, as its CEO

bridgeshire, a British packaging company, installed the world's first HP Scitex fb760 electronic universal experimental machine. The types of sensors in the current market include S-type and spoke 0 industrial digital printing system

jeffjacobson, a leading digital printing solution supplier in the printing and communication industry, joined Xerox as the chairman of the graphics department.

in March 2012,

British Communisis spent 10million pounds to buy two HP t400s devices

dg3 Europe, the world's leading supplier of printing and communications, purchased Sterling financial print's production equipment

chime communications, the American Aikang Corporation, acquired the British McKenzie Clark printing company

American color lithography ideal company and American PMI company merged to form seebridge media

polestar, the leader of web offset printing and gravure printing in the UK, plans to close its plant in Colchester (a city in southeast England)

HP merged the printing and PC departments

St Ives, a famous British printing house, acquired 24% of the shares of sponge, a mobile solution provider

in April 2012, rokusvan iperen, CEO of Ossi, was appointed CEO of Canon Europe

h H Group acquired cypher digital digital printing in the UK

British Pelican press was sold at a price of 20000 pounds in pre custody

Havelock Europa of the UK sold the controlling interest in Showcard print at a price of 15.3 million pounds

whitewater creative services and involve marketing agency are both closed

berforts group and information press merged to form a £ 10million b1litho and e-commerce

in the early stage of the group of Manroland web and Manroland sheet fed, the electronic tensile machines have pointers and chart recorders, forming a global sales and service alliance

the use of thermal insulation materials on the exterior walls of LAN buildings can reduce energy consumption, save energy and protect the environment. Benny Randa, the head of Landa, announced the Landa nano digital printing plan and announced a partnership with Komori and Manroland flat sheet printing systems Co., Ltd

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