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The application of integrated circuit (IC) technology is very extensive, which can be seen in automobile, industry, communication, computer, consumer electronics, medical and other fields

and the IC industry originated in the United States. Not only many world-renowned enterprises come from the United States, but also the IC industry is a highly monopolistic "C60" material: Mom doesn't have to worry about my cell phone anymore! Industry. According to relevant statistics, the global chip output value exceeded 390billion US dollars in 2017, and nearly half of the sales were occupied by the top ten manufacturers. It is estimated that the annual output value in 2018 will reach 450 billion US dollars

these international IC manufacturers use patents to form a protective wall. Even though China's semiconductor industry has developed rapidly in recent years, due to IP property rights, there are no enterprises in China that can affect international manufacturers

however, China has a large population and a large market. Taking advantage of this advantage, and with the strong financial assistance of the Beijing government, China has also cultivated many potential large groups, such as Hisilicon technology under Huawei, Ziguang, ZTE's ZTE, Datang semiconductor under Datang Telecom and other enterprises. These enterprises continue to make technological breakthroughs, making 2018 a booming year for China's chip industry, in which there are many deeds of self-made IC chips

the top ten new forces of IC Design in China in 2018:

10. Gree:

Gree used to attract attention with air-conditioning products. What makes Gree become the focus this year is that it began to enter the semiconductor field. Gree has made breakthroughs in air conditioning technology in the past, but in the core air conditioning chips, Gree almost relies on imports, and the purchase amount of foreign chips is about RMB 4billion a year. According to insiders, Gree has been able to package IGBT itself as an IPM that must be used for variable-frequency air conditioners, and the main chip in the air conditioner can also be designed independently. At present, an IC enterprise has been established, and its main task is to develop high-level variable-frequency drive chips and host chips

IX. Konka:

Konka is an old household appliance enterprise. The main purpose of entering the IC industry is to improve the core competitiveness of products. Konka has made great efforts in the research and development of AI chips this year, and the 8K image processing chip under development has attracted wide attention in the industry. Konka is involved in the field of IC chips, including TV and IOT IC, and is committed to achieving the goal of chip sales exceeding 10 billion yuan

VIII. Baidu:

this year, many Internet leaders began to lay out IC chips, among which Baidu's AI chip "Kunlun" released in July has become the focus of global attention. "Kunlun" is the first full-function cloud AI chip in China. It is the AI chip with the highest computing power in the industry. Its computing power is nearly 30 times higher than that of the AI accelerator of the latest FPGA. It is understood that Baidu AI chip will be promoted by open ecological cooperation, and will move towards smart cars, smart devices, voice images and other application scenarios to meet the development needs of partners and customers

VII. Alibaba:

Alibaba has invested in many chip enterprises for a long time, such as Cambrian, Shenjian technology, Zhongtian micro and other well-known enterprises. This year, Alibaba began to independently develop chips. In April, alidamo Academy announced that it would independently develop the neural network chip Ali NPU, which will be used for image and video analysis, machine learning and other AI computing. In September, it announced the establishment of an independent pingtouge Semiconductor Co., Ltd., which integrates the chip business independently developed by Dharma Academy with Zhongtian micro, which is acquired by Alibaba and also has good strength, plasticity, fracture toughness, fatigue resistance, stress corrosion resistance and spalling corrosion resistance, so as to promote the cloud integrated chip layout. In addition, alibaba will also enter the CPU IP core, which is the most core technology in the world. At present, only a handful of groups such as arm, AMD and IBM have relevant technologies

VI. yunzhisheng:

yunzhisheng is a well-known voice technology manufacturer in China. In May this year, yunzhisheng launched the first IOT AI chip Unione. Then in September, the first aiot chip "swift" was released, which is mainly a solution for smart speakers and smart families. According to insiders, the reason why yunzhisheng began to cut into IC chips is to accelerate the progress of voice technology and accelerate the application and promotion of voice products

v. huami Technology:

huami technology is a related enterprise of Xiaomi. In September this year, it released an AI chip - "Huangshan No. 1", which is the first AI chip in the global wearable market. Huangshan-1 has the characteristics of high performance, low power consumption, small size, easy customization, openness, free and expansion. At present, the chip has been successfully mass produced and is expected to be used in huami products next year

IV. Foxconn:

the general public's impression of Foxconn is that it is a OEM leader, but this year Foxconn began to layout the semiconductor field. The main reason Foxconn invested in semiconductors is the industrial interconnection plan. At the same time, with the gradual development of robots, the importance of industrial chips is beyond description. In November this year, Foxconn invested 2billion yuan in the semiconductor project located in Nanjing, which is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2019. The project will build a smart Manufacturing Industrial Park dominated by high-end semiconductor equipment, and its business covers the R & D and production of high-end semiconductor equipment, smart manufacturing, complete machines and components

III. Jianan Yunzhi:

Shanxi Juhua 30000 ton aluminum based new material project was officially started. Jianan Yunzhi is a well-known enterprise in the field of mining machines. In August this year, Jianan Yunzhi announced its independently developed 7Nm chip. This chip has the advantages of industry-leading computing density, lower cost, greater capacity, low power consumption, high temperature resistance, high yield and so on. Even if the technology involved in this 7Nm chip is not top-notch, after all, compared with general-purpose chips, ASIC chips are less difficult to design, develop and produce. However, as a grass-roots enterprise, the successful mass production of the first 7Nm chip in 18 months also reflects the RD potential of the enterprise

wear reducing parts, seals, insulating parts and medical device parts; 2、 Bitland:

is also an enterprise in the field of mining machines. Bitland released its second-generation cloud AI chip and terminal AI auxiliary processor in October this year. Bitcoin made a fortune in the past, but as the price of bitcoin fell, bitcoin began to shift its focus to chips to prepare for the layout of AI. Recently, bit mainland has invested a total of 500million yuan in Nanjing Jiangbei to establish a research project on AI chips


BYD is the leading group of new energy vehicles in China. BYD's investment in IC chip design stems from its ambition in the automotive field. With the development of automotive electronics and new energy vehicles, automotive chips are becoming more and more important, and autonomous vehicle specification chips will become the primary breakthrough field. Recently, it held a core technology analysis meeting with the theme of "IGBT Electric China core" in Ningbo, and released a new generation of vehicle specification level IGBT benchmark product - BYD IGBT 4.0. It is understood that BYD's product will break the foreign monopoly market and open a new chapter in the autonomy of vehicle grade power semiconductors

semiconductor is a national strategic industry strongly supported by the Chinese government in recent years, which shows that it has a bearing on China's national security and long-term future development. Because it is not easy to survive in the high-level IC design industry, especially under the obvious advantages of European, American and Japanese enterprises in terms of talents, it is not easy for Chinese enterprises to break through the siege overnight

according to the analysis of market participants, although China's semiconductors have made great progress in recent years, the large international manufacturers led by the United States have actually occupied a large part of the global semiconductor intellectual property market. I'm afraid there is still a long way for China to develop semiconductors and catch up with the world's first-class manufacturers

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