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Inventory growth will restrict the rise rate of glass prices

after the Spring Festival, driven by the collective strength of color goods, glass futures went out of the four consecutive years and broke through the 900 yuan/ton mark with one stroke, driven by the change of black can use pressure measuring film to convert oil pressure into strain gauge resistance. On the one hand, the spot market atmosphere after the festival was good, and traders raised prices one after another; On the other hand, the introduction of the new real estate policy is conducive to the de stocking of the real estate market, thereby boosting glass prices. However, it is worth noting that the inventory level of the whole industry is still rising, which will form resistance to the further rise of glass prices

recently, the sharp rise in the price of coal coke steel industrial chain has attracted the attention of the market and warmed the flat glass market. Since the holiday, the main contracts of glass futures have rebounded by nearly 7%. In the face of the temporary suspension of downstream demand during the Spring Festival, there will be a certain pressure on the continuous production of glass manufacturers. In order to create a good sales atmosphere, the domestic spot market 12. Longitudinal shrinkage rate: gb/t 6671 ⑵ 001 measurement of longitudinal shrinkage rate of thermoplastic pipes has raised prices in various regions from south to north. The temperature in the south is suitable for building construction, and the demand starts relatively early. The recent sales pin fixation in central and Northern China has also improved, and the downstream replenishment has prompted manufacturers to start raising prices. Among them, central China increased the most, with 20-40 yuan/ton, and the most concerned Shahe region increased by about 20 yuan/ton, which not only maintained the price advantage, but also ensured the sales scope. However, after this stock replenishment, the speed of traders' purchase of original films may decline, and the overall price rise trend of manufacturers will come to an end temporarily

At the beginning of the new year, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued a document to reduce the deed tax and business tax in real estate transactions, and the introduction of preferential policies further reduced the housing transaction costs

at the same time, the second and third tier cities, which are under the heavy pressure of high housing inventory, have also frequently expanded their recruitment, including reducing taxes and fees, encouraging farmers to buy houses in cities, promoting loans from other places, increasing the amount of loans, relaxing the conditions for withdrawing provident funds, etc. However, the effect of destocking varies from place to place. In many second tier cities, consumers' wait-and-see mood subsided and sales increased, but prices were difficult to increase, while third tier cities were greatly affected by the net outflow of population, and it will take time for housing inventory to be digested

since the first ten days of December last year, the inventory of the glass industry has entered a growth mode. After the Spring Festival holiday, the inventory has jumped to a new level. By the end of last week, the inventory value of domestic flat glass had been nearly 35million heavy containers, an increase of 5% over the same period last year. In 2015, the total production capacity of the industry decreased, and the supply side reform was gradually implemented. In 2016, there were 5 cold repair capacities, while there was only 1 resumption and 1 new construction capacity. In the case of reduced production capacity, the increase in inventory indicates the weakness of the current demand market. After the commencement of the downstream market, the inventory of glass manufacturers began to be gradually transferred to trading enterprises, and large-scale effective demand could not be formed in the short term. From the data of previous years, The inventory value of glass enterprises is generally in the growth mode before the beginning of April ", therefore, in the coming month, if the inventory increases as usual, it will restrict the rising speed of glass prices.

in short, with the end of downstream replenishment, it is difficult for the spot price to rise sharply again, and the inventory value of various manufacturers is still high, and it will take time to recover to the pre holiday level. The momentum of glass price rise in the later period will weaken.

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