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Check the status of China's power industry, advocate the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection

after decades of development, China's power technology and power products have made great progress. Although there is a certain gap compared with foreign products, due to the price advantage, they have considerable competitiveness in Southeast Asia, Africa and developing countries. In today's market globalization, not only the domestic market, but also domestic products should be internationalized. Domestic production enterprises should not only pay attention to the development of the domestic market, but also have an impact on the quality of concrete. They should pay attention to the development of the international market. At present, many foreign companies and products have entered the domestic power market and still occupy a considerable share in some fields. China's power industry will face severe challenges in the international market. A number of powerful domestic power supply enterprises should shoulder the important task of developing national power supply industry. The state should also adopt supporting policies to form international competitiveness and enter the international power market

the development of a market cannot be achieved by one person's temporary efforts. In the development of the power industry, a large number of professionals and enterprise leaders have emerged. They have made suggestions and painstaking efforts, and played a good role as a leader and example for the development, expansion, expansion, expansion and strength of China's power industry, going abroad, and for China's power industry. Under their leadership and efforts, the private brands of China power supply continue to appear in our vision and in more and more applications. They have made indelible contributions to the development of China's power industry. In order to recognize those who have made and are making positive contributions to the development of China's power industry, highlight their personality charm, explore their unique successful ideas, encourage and drive the healthy and benign development of the entire power industry, and at the same time, in order to understand the value of power brands in the current market in people's minds, users, agents and dealers' deep feelings about power brands in the market, To truly select valuable power brands, the "2007 China International Power Industry Development Summit Forum and 2007 China's top ten power industry selection" was grandly launched by Huicong electronic and electrical industry channel with 15 years of development history and the joint support of 41 industry channels of Huicong

in this activity, we collected a lot of data and information, and got the guidance of relevant experts and leaders of the association. We selected the candidate list of this activity from a large number of people and brands in the power industry. These candidates are finally determined after layers of screening and repeated consideration. These shortlisted candidates and brands, in a sense, can represent and reflect the overall development of the power industry

in order to make this selection activity as objective, fair and transparent as possible, and reflect the real situation of influential people and brands in the market, the final results of this activity are mainly obtained by people's network voting and SMS voting. The expert committee of the organizing committee will comment and summarize the final winner. Therefore, the voting phase of this selection activity began on September 28 and ended on December 8. The final results will be announced on the "2007 Forum on the development peak of China's international power industry in order to make the long axis of the sample coincide with the stretching direction through the fixture centerline" held in the great Hall of the people on December 28

many famous leaders and experts in the industry were invited to this event, including leaders of the Ministry of information industry of China, leaders of the China Electronic Commerce Association, Lu Yansun, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry of China, Cai Xuansan, Professor of the Department of electrical engineering of Tsinghua University, Guo Fansheng, CEO of Huicong, Zhou Heliang, honorary president of the China Electrotechnical Society, Wang Ning, vice president of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Gu Guobiao, director of the Institute of electrical engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Han yingduo, academician of China Academy of engineering, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry promotion, etc

Chinatelecom, ChinaLink, China Unicom, China Mobile, Datang Telecom, China Railcom, North China branch of State Power Corporation, etc. have attached great importance to this selection activity. They also hope to find their partners from the selection results, and also want to know the position of their partners in the minds of the general public

CCTV, Beijing TV, Shenzhen TV, Oriental satellite TV and other TV media, as well as a large number of print media, professional media in the industry and online media have given a lot of coverage and attention to this event

at present, the activity is in full swing, with people voting enthusiastically, and expressing their inner feelings about candidates and brands through comments. Under the premise that the state vigorously advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, the "2007 China International Power Industry Development Summit Forum and the selection of China's top ten power industry" activities will certainly implement the concept of "green, environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency" in all aspects of the development of the power industry, cause huge social and economic benefits, and ultimately drive the better and faster development of the entire power industry

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