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Everyone has a small home in their heart. Unfortunately, prices have soared, and only wages have not risen. So most post-80s wage earners are struggling in the army of renting houses. With the rising house prices, more and more people rent houses. Everyone works hard all day. Why can't they live comfortably at home? A comfortable little home cannot live without thousands of drops of sweat. Only after more than a dozen sleepless nights can we happily usher in the happy nest

akanke is a group of tenants. She lived alone for the third year. She said:

“ In the first year, I didn't care enough about myself, beautiful enough, brave enough, obedient enough, even worse than a child. I said, I miss her

“ In the second year, even if the reality is no longer in line with the dream, I will try to find a balance and continue to watch. I said, I love her

“ In the third year, I stuck to my soft and proud life in the present, and no longer asked the cause and effect. I said, I love her deeply& rdquo;

next, let's follow Xiaobian to see how akanke's happy nest is built. Just simple gadgets will instantly make your home in a foreign country no longer lonely, warm and comfortable, and give advice for your new house

case 1: akanke's happy nest

rental area: About 35.1 square meters

rental reason: not living in the company dormitory, sharing a suite with friends

items: the wardrobe, table, bed, beige curtains are owned by the landlord, and the rest are private property (purchase or modification)

akanke decoration strategy: the room is not well ventilated, and it needs air conditioning and dehumidification in case of southerly winds, so wallpaper is not used, and the IKEA rack purchased on Taobao, Sticking to the wall not only saves space, but also has a good storage function. It also has an idyllic style. Plus the cute bears and other decorations I put on it, it is also a decoration for the monotonous wall. Akanke decoration strategy: the small wardrobe in the room can only store a small amount of clean clothes. Usually dirty clothes are easy to be exposed in the room, so it is the best way to use storage baskets. There are three large frames, two for dirty clothes, and one for sundries. In addition, two covered storage baskets are stuffed in the bottom pane of the shelf for vests. The rattan storage basket has a warm feeling! Akanke decoration strategy: This is an area specially separated by me. When I have a rest, I can sit here and read books or watch movies. It is a very important paradise for me. The quilt sheets that are not used at ordinary times are paved on the ground. It is suggested to use tatami mats to make it more comfortable. The area where the wall is pasted is lined up with boxes packed for shopping at ordinary times, and covered with a piece of blue cloth, it becomes a decorative platform, isn't it wonderful?! Akanke decoration strategy: This is a simple cloakroom separated by a wardrobe. A large and a small parallel bar clothes hanger helps a lot. Clothes you often wear can be hung directly instead of putting them away in the wardrobe, which saves a lot of time. In addition, there is a rubber wheel under the clothes hanger. When you want to dry quilts, you can directly put them on it and push them out, which is very convenient

akanke rental purchase experience:

akanke suggests that it is impossible to change the wall of a rental house, and adhere to “ Hard fitting aside, soft fitting first ” In principle, items are marked with “ Portable, portable and recyclable ” As the premise

case 2: the warm nest of vegetarian cat

rental area: About 28.7 square meters

rental reason: working outside rental

items: empty house, without any items, decoration items are all purchased by yourself. Not to mention, first, the picture before decoration is empty! Different decoration declarations have different decoration styles. Based on the warm and comfortable decoration declaration, how can plain cat decorate an empty room into a warm nest? The picture above shows the decoration strategy of plain cat first! Vegetarian cat decoration strategy: occasionally friends come “ Join ”, Live for a few days, and my one meter five bed is not big enough. At this time, the role of sofa bed comes into play. It is a sofa during the day, and it becomes a soft bed at night. Sisters are welcome to join us at any time! Vegetarian cat decoration strategy: the window is embedded in the position, leaving a small space in the middle. Finally, I made it into a floating window. The floating window is made of a storage cabinet, which can not only play the role of storage, but also serve as a small bed. The length of one meter eight is enough to lay down a person, and the night scene at night is very good! Plain cat decoration strategy: plain cat loves pink best, so it made a very temperament partition with pink cord curtains and gauze curtains, dividing a space into a room and a hall. The whole space seems to be much larger, very proud, hahaha

plain cat rental purchase experience:

take the sofa as an example. If you want to make your sofa special and want to save money, you can buy that ordinary sofa, and then go to the curtain store to find a cloth you like and customize a sofa cover. Then, your sofa is unique

case 3: JJ little princess's Pink control

room condition: with balcony, kitchen and bathroom public

rental reason: working outside with her boyfriend, renting a room

items: wooden floor, curtain, bed and bedside table

jj little princess is pink control. Let's see how pink control will decorate the space you like with pink! JJ little princess decoration strategy: the computer was moved back from school by their boyfriend. They went to the mall and found a computer table that didn't occupy a place. The color is dark pink, and they also brought their own drawers. This is more practical for the tenants. In addition to giving the computer a place to live, it can also be used to put some trivial things. It is suggested that when you buy furniture, you can consider small furniture with storage function. JJ little princess decoration strategy: this wardrobe can hang clothes, fold clothes, and put some storage boxes for sundries. If you are diligent enough, you can definitely keep it clean and organized. However, JJ little princess handled it improperly in this regard, and the wardrobe is obviously not organized enough. Don't blame everyone JJ little princess decoration strategy: I'm pink control, so I set the tone of my home to pink. After all, it's a pleasant environment to be able to lie in the pink ocean every night. It's also very good to sleep ~ ~

JJ little princess rent a room purchasing experience:

in fact, many furniture in the home are very cheap items, such as wardrobe, small computer desk, which are more casual styles, Mainly considering the mobility of tenants, after all, I still want to have a nest that really belongs to me. At that time, it's not too late to spend a lot of money on dressing up

case 4: small tank's makeover xiaotiandi

room area: 20 ㎡

rental reason: working outside rental

room situation: with kitchen and bathroom, it is a farmer's room, located on the fourth floor. I don't know what kind of decoration effect it will be. It's not too late to see the makeover decoration strategy of small tank! Small decoration strategy: when I first moved here, I was busy with other things and had no time to take care of the small house. Later, I felt that it was really unreasonable, so I had to show my skills. The pastoral white step shoe stool can sit on it when changing shoes, and can also be decorated with plants. Personally, I think it is the best partner of the rental family! Small decoration strategy: clothes should be worn and folded every day. It's too unsightly to pile them together! So the small tank came back to the simple wardrobe on the right. I like it very much. Convenience is paramount, and it's good-looking. It's really from then on “ Worry free clothes ” la Small decoration strategy: when you stay at home every day, you will spend more time dealing with computers, so the computer table must be pleasing to the eye. This computer table is simple but not simple, has a powerful storage function, books and other things can be put on the shelf, and has made a lot of contributions to the sundries at home! Small decoration strategy: due to the small space, I used to use the drawing board to spread on the stool as a dining table and collect it after eating. However, this is really missing a taste of home, so I added this small white table, which is small in size and does not hinder the place. It can also be used as a desk for writing and writing at ordinary times, and a mat under the ground can also be directly used as a leisure area. Wow, I really admire myself

small tank rental purchase experience:

the most important thing about decorating a rented house is that the furniture purchased should not be too large, and it's best to move it easily, because after all, the rented house is not my own, and it may also move. Portable items are easy to bring, and the rented house is generally not large. It's best to surf the Internet for some multifunctional furniture, such as the one-piece computer desk mentioned above, which I almost use as a bookshelf, hehe, And the online things are relatively cheap, which is just suitable for my fresh student's wallet, haha





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