What kind of board is better for tatami

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What kind of board is better for tatami? Tatami has become a popular trend. It is part of a comfortable life and an essential artifact for small house decoration

Tatami has become a popular trend. It is part of a comfortable life and an essential artifact for small house decoration. Tatami can be spread on the balcony, living room, study or bedroom as long as you want. Of course, tatami has many functions and varied styles. Then, let's introduce what kind of board to use for tatami

what kind of plate is good for tatami

1. Pine: it is moderately soft and hard, divided into knots and knots, and has a faint wood fragrance. It is one of the most commonly used materials for tatami. (although pine is cost-effective, if you choose to do it yourself or find a construction team, the wood will be very wasteful)

2. Fir: the texture is soft, and you can basically break a board by hand, but the price is the cheapest. It can be made in more than 500, and the wood smell is great

3. Oak: the hardness is the largest, the material and pattern are relatively uniform, and generally there is no fragrance. If you don't care about money, you can consider oak

maintenance of tatami

1. Before using tatami, wipe it with a wrung towel along the lines of the mat surface, and place it in a ventilated place or outdoors to dry

2. If there are stains on the tatami, dip a towel with clean water in time and dry it in ventilation

3. Tatami can be kept fresh by regularly wiping the mat with white vinegar

4. Tatami can breathe. Don't lay carpets and other covers on tatami

5. Maintain frequently in plum rain season

the use of tatami

it can be used as a bed when sleeping. It can also be used as a living room during the day. At the same time, it is an excellent place for playing chess and tea. When passing passengers, it is a guest room. When children play, it becomes a game place. Living on tatami, in a sense, is like performing on the stage. It is highly artistic. It perfectly combines practicality and worldview. Both refined and popular tastes are appreciated. It also stems from the art that life is suitable for life

Tatami is a natural environmental protection product. It is absolutely beneficial to human health and longevity. It connects the Qi of heaven and earth, walks barefoot on it, and always massages your pulse, invigorates blood and relieves tendons. Tatami has good air permeability and moisture resistance. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It can adjust the air humidity. Tatami is effective for the growth and development of children and the maintenance of waist and spine of middle-aged and elderly people. Children don't have to worry about falling when using tatami. He can also prevent bone spur, rheumatism, spinal curvature, etc. The rooms paved with it are sound proof, heat insulation, durable, convenient to handle, rich and luxurious, showing an exotic atmosphere

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