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Xinjiang: Dulux wall paint "face changing" shop owner refused to refund

Xinjiang: Dulux wall paint "face changing" shop owner refused to refund

May 8, 2009

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on February 28, 2009, liunvshi, a consumer in Karamay, Xinjiang, bought 5 barrels of Dulux clean flavor wall paint at the local Huijin building materials store, which is related to the survival and development of Anyang industry. During the decoration, it was found that 3 barrels of them were tinted paint, and the outer package of the tinted paint clearly marked "cannot be used as wall paint with an accuracy of ± 0.3%". After Ms. Liu reported the situation to the store owner, the other party not only didn't apologize, but said righteously that it doesn't matter. The tinting paint can also be painted on the wall, "if there is a problem, I will bear it."

Ms. Liu was worried and asked for return and replacement for many times. The shop owner said impatiently, "I said it was OK to brush the jaw. It should be cleaned frequently." Later, at the insistence of Ms. Liu, two barrels of tinting paint were replaced with wall paint, while the owner of the other barrel refused to return and replace it on the grounds that the packaging had been opened

investigation on high work efficiency:

after receiving Ms. Liu's complaint, the staff of the complaint Office of China Quality Wanli bank quickly contacted Dulux customer service center after checking that what Ms. Liu said was true. After investigation and verification, duluxpro apologized to Ms. Liu and refunded the cost of a barrel of wall paint


no matter the manufacturer or the consumer, everyone inevitably makes mistakes. But some manufacturers and marketers clearly made mistakes, but they did not change their mistakes, which really made consumers angry. In the face of this phenomenon, consumers must not tolerate it and let it go. To connive at "evil" is to bully "good"

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