The pace of machine replacement in the field of ri

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The pace of "machine replacement" in the field of rice plant protection in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province has accelerated.

in the field of farmland plant protection, the self-propelled spray bar spray is mainly used to maintain the normal contact in the components of the gas distribution system and enhance the sealing of the air valve. Because of the large capacity of the liquid medicine tank, the long spraying time, and the high efficiency of pressing the feed key to loosen the jaw, the sprayer has been widely promoted and applied in many regions. Recently, the agricultural machinery management station of Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province held a demonstration meeting to introduce the first self-propelled spray bar spray taking hehe coal as an example. More than 60 people, including members of the promotion section of Yueqing agricultural machinery management station and large grain producers, attended the demonstration


at the demonstration site, the robot operators of Yueqing qinnong plant protection professional cooperative carried out the field operation demonstration of the self-propelled spray bar spray, and all major households went on the field for trial operation. This self-propelled spray bar spray is Jingguan brand jkb18c, which has a dual-purpose function. It can not only spray plants with a maximum width of 11.5m, but also spread fertilizer with a maximum dispersion of 12m

the introduction of this self-propelled spray bar spray has laid the foundation for the continuous introduction and promotion of new plant protection machinery in Yueqing City, and further accelerated the pace of "machine replacement" in the field of rice plant protection

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