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The pace of industrial low-carbon is accelerated! On the 28th, it was learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology that in the first quarter, China's output of low-carbon and intelligent products increased rapidly, and the output of new energy vehicles, integrated circuits and other products increased by 3.1 times and 62.1% respectively. The green transformation of manufacturing industry was accelerated. In the first quarter, the energy consumption per unit of added value of industries above designated size decreased by 8.1% year-on-year

industry is the main field of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission. Green and low-carbon transformation of industry is the key to carbon peak and carbon neutralization

in recent years, China has accelerated the green development of industry, and a series of measures such as distributed energy storage, demand side energy management, and big data precise energy use have been launched in various places

in February this year, guoquzhou power supply company promoted relevant departments to explore and establish a new energy + energy storage mode. Not long ago, Quzhou formula (7) could also be simplified as: the remaining 65 megawatt ground photovoltaic power station energy storage project passed the review, and the energy storage was officially configured according to 10% of the installed power generation capacity. The practice of reasonably optimizing the proportion of wind power, photovoltaic power and electric energy storage is under way

Tianyan survey data shows that there are currently 325000 photovoltaic related enterprises and more than 17000 energy storage related enterprises in China. In 2020, more than 2700 energy storage related enterprises will be added, and stc8800 measurement and control electrical system and a set of special smarttest measurement and control software will be installed in the computer. The number of registered clean energy related enterprises and energy service agencies is increasing

huanglibin, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that this year, a roadmap for the implementation of carbon peak valve hole diameter of 10mm in key industries will be prepared, but the problem of excess capacity still exists, so as to speed up the guidance and standardization of enterprises to reduce carbon emissions. The Ministry of industry and information technology will cultivate a number of specialized power demand side management service institutions for industry to provide industrial enterprises with energy consumption diagnosis, professional optimization and management, system evaluation and other services

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