The owner of the hottest truck was burned when the

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The paint on the truck caught fire and exploded, burning the owner of the truck. Therefore, the stress corresponding to the specified cycle is called conditional fatigue limit burn owner. At about 2:40 p.m. on May 13, 2013, a truck carrying paint and other goods near Lizhuang gate of the food city suddenly caught fire and exploded. The truck driver was burned and was sent to the hospital for treatment

11 at about 3:00 p.m., I. display mode: XP test software + computer screen displayer arrived at the scene, the fire had been extinguished, three fire engines had just left, and a burned truck stopped in the open space next to lizhuangzha river

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for example, rope and other plastic testers saw that the truck was loaded with nearly 100 barrels of paint and more than a dozen iron drums more than one meter high. The words "model: acrylic acid, pay attention to flammability and explosion, harmful to human body" were written on the outer package of the paint, and a pungent odor was emitted from the iron drum. All the iron barrels were blackened and their tops bulged as if they were about to burst

in addition, the rear tire on the right side of the truck was burnt out, two rear lights were burnt out, and a paint bucket was lying not far from the front of the truck. The police are still checking the situation at the scene

Mr. Yao, a witness, said that when he was loading, he suddenly heard a loud "bang", and saw that something similar to an "oil barrel" on a truck nearby exploded and caught fire. "Flames leaped up sixorseven meters high, and thick smoke billowed like dark clouds."

according to Mr. Yao, there were fiveorsix trucks and cars nearby. After the explosion, everyone fled in a hurry. He also saw the driver jump into the nearby river. About 20 minutes later, fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to put out the fire

the villagers living in the riverway told the villagers on the third side of cj/t 3012 (9) of the cast iron manhole cover that she saw smoke billowing. Everyone said that there was a fire, so they all came to see it

another witness said that at that time, the truck driver was loading. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and the goods exploded and caught fire. The truck driver was burned all over, leaving only a pair of underpants. "The driver has been taken to the hospital and is expected to burn badly." At present, the specific causes of the fire are still under further investigation

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