The owner of the most severely affected carton fac

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The owner of the carton factory hardest hit by "skydove" vowed to rebuild and resume production

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core tip: this typhoon can be called Zhongshan Yingxin Printing Co., Ltd., the carton enterprise hardest hit in history. Its head, Mr. Mo, said, The company's factory buildings were completely destroyed by the storm, resulting in a huge loss of millions. What's more, it affected the customer's delivery, which made him feel very guilty. However, Mr. Mo firmly said that he would lead all employees of the company to rebuild on site and resume production as soon as possible

[China Packaging News] the typhoon hit Zhongshan Yingxin Printing Co., Ltd., the most severely affected carton enterprise in history. Mr. Mo, the head of the company, said that the company's plant was completely destroyed by the storm, resulting in huge losses of millions. What's more, it affected the customer's delivery, which made him feel very guilty. However, Mr. Mo firmly said that he would lead all employees of the company to rebuild on site and resume production as soon as possible

Yingxin printing, the most severely affected in history

on August 23, 2017, the super typhoon "Tiange" made landfall in Zhuhai and went straight to Jiangmen, Zhongshan and other places. The wind force at the center of the typhoon reached above force 16. When the typhoon passed, the houses collapsed, the earth shook and the mountains shook, and the strong wind wrapped billboards, electrical appliances, tin roofs, and door and window frames flying all over the sky. Yingxin factory, located in Longtang, Tanzhou, Zhongshan, happened to be at the eye of the typhoon, and the factory was unfortunately destroyed

after the typhoon, the carton department and finished product warehouse of the factory were completely leveled, the extruder products were not renewed, only the base paper and finished product cartons were flooded, and many sets of valuable equipment were damaged to varying degrees. Fortunately, the factory workshop personnel were transferred to a safe place when the strong wind came. No casualties were caused, but the property losses were extremely painful, and the company was forced to shut down

according to a business director of Yingxin company, due to the soaring price of base paper, an important customer of the company placed 100000 orders at one time. The factory finished the shipment before the typhoon, and was swept away by the typhoon before it had time to ship. The shutdown of the factory not only affects the delivery time of customers, but also faces high claims, which is really painful

it's a double whammy. Just after the passing of the skydove, "PACA" is coming again. Without these problems, China's plastic machinery industry can't meet Yingxin company, which is blocked by the level of foreign plastic machinery, as soon as possible. Raw materials and equipment are soaked in the rainstorm, and the losses are further amplified. In a week, the boss was devastated by typhoons one after another. The boss was as worried as a knife, but he just shouted what to do

insurance companies despise the poor and love the rich and abandon small and medium-sized enterprises

recently, there have been constant media reports about the positive energy of insurance compensation for disaster stricken enterprises. Unfortunately, small and medium-sized enterprises such as Yingxin have been ruthlessly rejected by insurance companies and have to swallow the bitter fruit of the wind disaster alone

according to an employee of Yingxin printing, the company had previously applied for insurance, but was declined because its total assets were less than 80million. Another paper product company adjacent to Yingxin bought several cars of Nine Dragons base paper before the storm. Although it also suffered heavy losses, it was accepted by insurance because its assets exceeded 80million yuan. It is estimated that it can obtain huge claims

the case that insurance companies are too fond of the poor and love the rich has also been supported by a number of small and medium-sized paper industries in Zhongshan. Because the property is not up to the standard, these damaged enterprises can only bear all the losses themselves

the boss said that he would rebuild on site and resume production as soon as possible

it is admirable that although the typhoon destroyed Yingxin company, it failed to shake the boss' strong will. As soon as Tiange left, the boss organized the employees to save themselves at the first time, and spared no effort to save the undamaged base paper, finished cartons and equipment. At present, with the efforts of all employees, the company has resumed production in jiankeng cardboard workshop, but it will take some time for the carton workshop to resume production

however, the boss, Mr. Mo, said that the losses caused by the storm were too great. For one piece of cardboard alone, more than 40000 pieces of kraft paper, more than 20000 pieces of B-Paper and more than 20000 pieces of k-paper were lost. The 100000 carton orders of the company's important customers were all scrapped. Although with the efforts of the company and its customers, the company used the same factory to supply goods, which solved the urgent problem. However, in recent days, cardboard and base paper continue to soar, causing indirect financial losses to customers. I don't know how to make up for them

however, like many Chinese private enterprise bosses, Mr. Mo has been spending these years in the wind and rain, and is used to facing this kind of disaster. Mr. Mo said that since its establishment 10 years ago, the company has suffered three natural disasters (two floods and one typhoon), with losses of hundreds of thousands or even millions each time. However, with the help of customers and local governments, the company has been able to tide over the difficulties again and again

as for many enterprises' complaints about the untimely government assistance after the disaster, Mr. Mo also expressed quite understandably in the JEC world exhibition held in Paris, France, that the disaster was too serious. The whole farmland was completely destroyed and countless houses were destroyed. The local government could not take care of it at once. I believe that the government will lend a helping hand to the affected enterprises in a period of time

in recent years, the soaring raw materials are making the packaging and printing industry dominated by private enterprises undergo a very painful reshuffle, and the environmental storm has made it difficult for countless enterprises to breathe., The owners of private enterprises have paid all their wealth, not only feeding hundreds of millions of employed people, but also making great contributions to the national tax revenue. Unfortunately, they have avoided major disasters, but it is difficult for them to escape the blacklist of "small scattered pollutants" and the expulsion and shutdown in the name of "environmental protection"

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