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Korenix kololi's new agent westermo Viper series railway train private exchange

viper is an Ethernet switch series specially designed for harsh operating conditions and extreme environments. Viper series complies with en 50155 standard for electronic equipment of railway facilities. The ultra-thin and ultra strong shell, up to IP65 sealing level, and the mean time between failures is as long as 100 years. Therefore, this product is very suitable for use in environments that may affect the function of standard Ethernet switches, such as mechanical stress, humidity, condensation, pollution and continuous vibration. There are two models of this series of Ethernet switches, which are divided into two types with or without loop function. Both models have eight controlled ports and one uncontrolled port

redundant and real-time Ethernet

viper 408 adopts our patented frnt (rapid recovery of network topology) technology, which is the fastest recovery protocol on the market at present, and can be quickly reconfigured in case of connection or hardware failure. This is also the reason why Viper series instruments need to be maintained for a longer service life in applications that require high safety performance, such as railway systems, tunnels and traffic signal control. The product has real-time characteristics, which can meet the requirements of applications where real-time performance is very critical. Viper switch fully supports QoS (network quality of service) function, has four priorities, strict priority scheduling rules, and has the function of preventing hol head of line blocking. All these functions ensure the certainty of the data network

harsh industrial environment

this equipment is specially designed for applications in harsh industrial environments. The metal sealed shell with IP65 protection grade and the solid M12 front connector make the whole product very firm and can operate normally at an ambient temperature of -40 to +70 C. At the same time, there are no fragile or sensitive components in the equipment, which further improves the impact and vibration resistance of the product and can be used in all vehicle applications. The equipment can operate in a wide voltage range of 24 to 110VDC

the structure of viper has been repeatedly tested in westermo and certified laboratories. Its performance of viper series, which is made of cast steel by precision casting, has been confirmed in various vehicle applications around the world

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