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Luohua cutting workstation Bola type II cutting system

Bola type II cutting system is the best-selling system of Bola Company. Its automatic unloading device and the paper breaking device on the high-speed cutting machine and the paper breaking device on the high-speed cutting machine have become the standard configuration of printing plants, book binding plants and paper processing plants, making the inefficient single machine cutting a history. Because only cutting stations that fully conform to the interests of the enterprise can better reduce costs

I. overview of Bora type II cutting system

in order to continuously meet the needs of users, Bora company has developed an equipment scheme to form a cutting centered assembly line by combining relevant equipment

1. feeding - paper breaking device

lift the paper to the working height with the stacking car, and then unload it on the paper breaking platform to break the paper. RA automatic paper feeder with exhaust roller can improve the cutting quality. At the same time, the weighing system can also measure the amount of paper

2. Cutting - Bora ed high-speed cutting machine

Bora ed high-speed cutting machine can be equipped with automatic waste removal function (autotrim), which can automatically remove waste in the process of high-speed cutting, saving up to 30% of the time. At the same time, labels can be sorted out on the support plate in advance, and even the smallest labels can be processed quickly and effectively. At this time, the front workbench of Bora high-speed cutting machine can be retracted (Bora patent)

other technical features of the high-performance ed Bora cutting machine are:

* the positioning system is equipped with a rotating frequency converter, the spindle is equipped with a circulating ball bearing and a linear guide rail, which can provide the best cutting quality and positioning accuracy

* direct measurement system can eliminate various variable factors in advance, so as to improve production safety and quality

* the anti-wear and low maintenance rear stop gauge guide device without clearance makes the operation more stable and the service life of the equipment longer

* the programming work is carried out directly on the high-speed cutting machine, or externally through the computer automatic cutting control system (comput)

3. Automatic unloading - the high-speed cutting machine

adopts the automatic unloading device Transmate, which automatically unloads the cut label onto the support plate, and the edge alignment is accurate. (Bora can provide automatic unloading devices with different sizes and stacking heights, Transmate)

4. Overall advantages - the cutting system

* adopts automatic synchronous cutting, which is more efficient

* reduces the labor intensity of operators, and the work height is appropriate

* modular settings

* the system layout can be adjusted

* it has variability and flexibility in operation (one or two operators)

* mature technology and high reliability enable it to produce high-quality products

II. Optional device of type II cutting system

* in order to adapt to various paper breaking and cutting cycles, an air cushion tray lifting device can be configured in the Bora type II cutting system as a buffer device. In this way, the feeding end of system 2 can be changed to the "paper breaking workstation" of system 4

Bola type IV cutting system can be used to prepare cutting materials while producing. The prepared materials in the preparation unit are sent to the high-speed cutter through another air cushion tray lifting frame on the cutting workstation

in order to reduce the workload and improve the product quality, the high-speed cutting machine can be equipped with a variety of different accessories

* the pressing device in front of the cutter can fix the small format label in front of the cutter to prevent the label from mixing, moving or turning over. This improves the operation process and productivity

* the correction and compensation module is used to compensate for the changes of prints, including the repeated size can be corrected in the case of deformation due to changes in climatic conditions, and the correction value is obtained by adding step by step

* automatic jack pressure adjustment can ensure that different papers can obtain the best Jack pressure under various cutting widths. In this way, the cutting process can be accelerated (there is no need to manually adjust the jack pressure) and stable high-quality cutting can be maintained

* rotate the rear stop gauge/tilt the rear stop gauge to align the pile to be cut, and each knife can be programmed to improve the cutting quality. The small particle size

* positioning device (fixomat) can ensure that the paper is fixed under the cutting knife, just like the positioning on the printing press. Digital display of guide gauge in the whole processing process (liquid crystal display plays a role until the cutting is completed. This ensures the best accuracy.

* the pressing device in front of the rear stop gauge can prevent the paper from turning over in the process of improving the expert group that the innovation center has successfully completed all tasks during the cultivation period. Its advantage is that even the paper with great processing difficulty can achieve high cutting accuracy.

* the cutting optimization function enables the function, clamping action and The forward movement is optimized, especially when the feed depth is small. The production efficiency is improved because the forward movement time of the rear stop gauge is earlier than that of the company's 1 series of Paek composite products

III. Bora cutting system is for the majority of printing plants

under the requirement of trying to reduce costs, an advanced and applicable cutting system should not only have the maximum production capacity for large-scale business, but also have the high flexibility required by small print volume business and the shortest adjustment time as possible

an important factor for the success of Bora cutting system is to meet this development demand

the Paula cutting system can process paper of various sizes, including the paper cut from web paper, with a maximum size of 122cm × 164cm。

its typical cutting processing includes commercial prints (directories, maps, samples, posters, etc.), foam packaging, canned trademarks, labels, postcards, inserts, silk screen brushes, etc

Bora cutting system is suitable for large and medium-sized printing plants (including internal printing plants), label manufacturers, book binding plants, paper processing plants, and silk printing plants

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