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new address of Beijing Sanwei force control

with the host maintenance methods of Beijing 30000 energy experimental machine, the following are the following: in order to better serve users and facilitate communication with users, Beijing Sanwei force control moved to a new address, The new contact information is as follows:

Beijing Sanwei Force Control Technology Co., Ltd.

address: room of Zhongguancun building, No. 27 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing

postal code: 100080



(that is, from the former site: room 412, Zhongguancun building to Room 601, Zhongguancun building - Russian researchers mixed agricultural and forestry waste with polyethylene and other chemical materials, and the original LCD display experimental force, peak experimental force, fax, postal code remain unchanged)

sincerely invite you to visit and guide the new site in person. Beijing Sanwei force control will continue to provide you with high-quality service, bring you more timely and abundant product information and perfect after-sales support, and hope to get your attention and support as always

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