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Neusoft Medical & Xinsong robot led the appearance of "Shenyang Zhizao". After visiting these scientific and technological guests, they repeatedly called "amazing"

original title: Neusoft Medical & Xinsong robot led the appearance of "Shenyang Zhizao". After visiting these scientific and technological guests, they repeatedly called "amazing"

this year is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. In order to strive to show the new image of Liaoning's revitalization and development in the new era and tell the story of Liaoning, Spread the voice of Liaoning. On July 16, at the invitation of the office of the people's Government of Liaoning Province, well-known national media from the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Pakistan and India, as well as seven domestic mainstream media including Xinhua news agency, people's daily, Guangming, and Phoenix gathered in Shenyang, opening the curtain of the "40 years of reform and opening up - Liaoning building a new driving force for growth" theme interview activity for Chinese and foreign mainstream media to watch Liaoning

Shenyang "smart manufacturing" shocked Chinese and foreign media

from world factories to global high-quality public goods providers, "Shenyang smart manufacturing" has achieved comprehensive upgrading step by step on the international stage. In the afternoon of the same day, Chinese and foreign media came to Neusoft medical, which is located in Shenyang area of Liaoning Free Trade Zone, for a visit. As the supporting unit for the construction of the national digital medical imaging equipment engineering technology research center, Neusoft medical's independently innovated and successfully developed CT products filled the gap in this field in China, broke the international monopoly, and made China one of the few countries in the world that can produce CT, leading China's CT industry. At present, Neusoft medical products are distributed in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China, and are sold to more than 110 countries around the world, providing medical equipment products and services to more than 9000 medical institutions around the world

it is reported that for a long time, the South American market has been the dumping place of second-hand large-scale equipment in the United States. Neusoft sold a large-scale equipment to a hospital in Peru, which has been used for 6 years with high frequency, and has not replaced any core consuming parts, which is much longer than the average life span of 16 bags. It has gained fame in the local medical system. Later, the hospital added purchase orders. Speaking of the visit experience, manuerlian of the daily mail from Pakistan said several words of "amazing". Manuel told Shenyang evening news and Shenbao financial media that after coming to Neusoft medical, she felt that the products of this enterprise were very advanced. After understanding the history of this enterprise, she admired this Chinese enterprise even more. They did not blindly imitate and copy the technologies and products of other countries, such as Germany, the United States and other developed countries, like other enterprises, but stood on their own and made their own products by relying on their own technology, This is really wonderful

Manuel said that this was her first time to Shenyang. She thought that Shenyang was an old industrial city, but when she came into close contact with the city, everything in front of her shocked her. Roads, buildings and various infrastructure construction were very advanced, and she had not even heard of some applied modern technologies. She hoped that through the use of more advanced technologies, the city would strive to develop faster, Better, and I hope these new technologies from China can be applied to Pakistan

great changes are taking place in this city

left Neusoft medical, and the Chinese and foreign media are all a challenger. They came to Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., the largest robot industrialization base in China. Chinese and foreign media have learned in detail that this leading enterprise in China's robot industry has developed into one of the manufacturers with the most complete robot product line in the world in the past 18 years. As a practitioner and promoter of industry 4.0, Xinsong has always led the development of China's robot industry with advanced technology and unique comprehensive strength of software and hardware

Artur anega, an Indian paper media in China, said that although he had done some homework before coming to Shenyang, he was still shocked by the development of the city after coming to Shenyang. The city is undergoing great changes. The traditional manufacturing industry is being replaced by high-end manufacturing industry equipped with new technology, and the city is also becoming more modern. This will be a new beginning for Shenyang. In terms of cooperation between China and India, Artur anega believes that the software field is one of India's advantageous projects. Bangalore in India is also known as "Silicon Valley in Asia". He hopes that one day, Indian software can also be applied to hardware products such as Komatsu robot

it is understood that this "40 years of reform and opening up - Liaoning building a new driving force for growth" themed interview activity for mainstream media at home and abroad to watch Liaoning was jointly planned and organized by the all China workers' Association and the office of the Liaoning Provincial People's government, which began on July 16 and ended on July 21. During this period, the interview team will be in Shenyang, Dalian and Yingkou to interview the development of Liaoning's advanced equipment manufacturing industry, high-tech innovation and R & D, and the construction of free trade zones, so as to personally feel the new atmosphere and new actions of Liaoning in continuously promoting the construction of optimized business environment in the new era. Through the visit on the same day, Liaoning promoted the economy of the old industrial base with high quality and efficiency. 2. The machine was supplemented with hydraulic oil by a special oil pump for the pulser system. The transformation and upgrading, the rich reserves of scientific and technological innovation resources, and the good start of China (Liaoning) pilot Free Trade Zone in the past year left a deep impression on the Chinese and foreign media

Bai Xin, senior of Shenyang evening news and Shenyang news financial media

director photographer Chang Shenggang

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