The hottest new ABB water quality analysis product

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ABB's new water quality analysis products are mainly used for water treatment

recently, ABB's measurement products business unit released a new product of water quality analysis instruments, navigator 500 sodium, dissolved oxygen and diamine analyzer series, including aso550 sodium meter, ads550 micro oxygen meter, ahm550 diamine analyzer and awt540 general multi-channel transmitter. The new navigator500 analyzer provides users with stronger functions, which can reduce maintenance and reduce the investment cost of the analysis system

navigator 500 Series analyzers are a new generation of analyzers suitable for the field of high-purity water treatment and dynamic circulating water monitoring. These new analyzers will replace the existing 8-drive systems: 037 sodium analyzer, 9438 dissolved oxygen analyzer and 7835 diamine analyzer, thus further enriching and improving ABB's water quality analysis product line applied to the pure water market. On the basis of the existing pH, conductivity, silica analysis and other analyzers, Other analysis functions are supplemented and added to provide a comprehensive analysis solution (system integration)

navigator500 platform series products adopt modular design and can be flexibly configured; Intelligent measurement unit, which can realize plug and play measurement and automatic identification. In addition, the multi-channel general-purpose transmitter can connect up to four different navigator500 single channel liquid analysis units or an independent multi-channel liquid analysis unit to meet the multi-point and multi parameter measurement, reduce the installation controls and reduce the installation cost. The liquid analysis unit carries out analysis and signal preprocessing in the smart board, and transmits the results to the navigator 500 transmitter through digital signals. Different navigator 500 liquid analysis units are mixed and matched to the transmitter with the same experimental principle of the cupping experiment machine, without using different software. Three channel sodium meter, economical and applicable, meets the requirements of multi-point measurement. The navigator 500 Series "1035" time series analyzer is applicable to power plants, boilers and demineralized water/demineralized water measurement occasions

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