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The harm of "zombies" began to show the real matrix. Many people have seen the matrix produced by Warner Bros. of the United States. The view that "the so-called real world is actually the product of computer control" in the film must have left a deep impression on many people. Now, with the continuous spread of the "zombie network", scenes of the "matrix" are really playing around us...

maybe your computer is now being watched by others, maybe every action you use the computer is being recorded by others, maybe your voice is being eavesdropped by others, maybe your account password is being secretly stolen, Maybe your computer is being used as a tool to engage in illegal and criminal activities... And when these happen quietly, you know nothing, because your computer has become a "zombie computer" controlled by others. The "zombie network" is composed of thousands of such computers. These computers controlled by others are like a group of "zombies", executing the mysterious attack orders of the behind the scenes controller and carrying out various destructive activities

the harm of "zombies" is becoming more and more obvious

recently, a popular business station was blackmailed by "cyber gangs" for 5000 yuan of "network unblocking fee". Ms. Zhao, a sportswear agent of a brand in Fuzhou who was blackmailed, was very depressed about this. She operated a brand sports product station. Since last year, the station has been very popular, but recently, customers often report that the station is often unable to log in or access. Later, Ms. Zhao learned that her station had been hacked by a malicious attack program using the "zombie network". In desperation, Ms. Zhao had to spend money to eliminate the disaster. Reluctantly, she put 5000 yuan into the account designated by the hacker, and the station was able to recover

"one of the ways they often use is DOS (denial of service) attack." According to experts, "DoS attacks can often cause great damage to the attacked party through one or a limited number of hosts. Hackers plan attacks through their controlled 'zombie network'. It's like a road that can only allow 10 people to pass, but if 20 wooden people are placed on the road, others can't pass."

such an experience is not limited to Ms. Zhao alone. Since the second half of last year, a group of criminals who used the "zombie network" attack as a means to extort business stations have committed frequent crimes on the Internet, and the Internet security problems caused by it have become increasingly serious

the name "zombie" was named by the national computer network emergency technology processing and coordination center on January 4, 2005. Naming "zombie" can best reflect its harmful characteristics. The so-called "zombie network" is a network constructed by hackers using the computers of interconnected users to carry out various destructive activities

hackers secretly put a "zombie program" into their computers by some means without the knowledge of Internet users. When the user starts up, black can adjust the stretching space level by level according to the specification and length of the sample, and the customer can control all these computers with "zombie programs" installed. In this way, the computers of Internet users are manipulated by hackers like "zombies", and with the help of many such computers, hackers can master a "zombie army" on the network that can be used for various destructive activities. At present, the largest "botnet" found in China controls about 100000 computers. More than 400000 users have been controlled by "zombies" in foreign countries

new problems bring new challenges

"zombie network" is only used for extortion? Not long ago, some hackers in the United States attacked a water treatment plant in Pennsylvania and took control of the servers there. Later, it was found that the laptop of an employee of the factory was infected with a virus, and the virus was transmitted to the server, which was controlled by a "botnet". This "zombie network" is mainly used to send spam, and spam brings income to the "zombie network" operators. It can be seen that the harm of the "zombie network" is various. As long as they can obtain benefits, the hackers who control the "zombie network" can do all kinds of evil

"zombie network" is actually a tool of hackers. Different people have different motives for using it. At present, the most common use of "zombie network" is criminal motivation or purpose destruction. The types of attacks using "botnet" mainly include: distributed denial of service attacks, sending spam, monitoring network traffic, spreading new malware, installing banner and browser assistant, manipulating voting and games, and large-scale identity theft, which provide strong support for the marketing strategies of each partnership unit

at present, there are not many "botnet" attacks on data and information assets, but Mr. gene Hodges, CEO of Websense, a famous American security company, believes that in the future, "botnet" attacks will increasingly target information and data in the network, rather than the network itself. He also quoted an interesting story: "about 60 years ago, there was a bank robber in our country. When the police asked him why he robbed the bank, he answered simply that there was money in the bank". With the continuous development of China's economy, hackers in the world have shifted the focus of attacks from Europe and the United States to China, and their methods will not be limited to DOS attacks against station traffic. The reason is very simple, because there is money here

after an attacker makes a zombie program, he needs to implant the zombie program into as many interconnected hosts as possible to form a powerful zombie network. Zombie programs usually do not have the ability to spread themselves, and they need to spread themselves by other ways of entering the user's computer automatically or manually. Zombie program research material friction and wear action 1 generally needs to measure a series of parameters such as the friction and wear characteristics of the friction pair with the help of the friction and wear experimental machine. The typical spreading way is to use worms, because worms are the most common means that can spread autonomously and invade the user's computer. Another noteworthy way is to consider the molecular structure: adding additives with chain extenders or additives that can block PLA functional groups is to use the malicious code embedded in the station. These evils

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