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51 new provincial-level ecological and cultural bases in Zhejiang Province

release date: Source: Zhejiang Forestry Bureau

Zhejiang ecological and Cultural Association and Zhejiang Forestry Bureau recently jointly issued a document announcing the 51 newly named provincial-level ecological and cultural bases in 2020. These bases, including administrative villages, enterprises, schools, forest parks, wetland parks and forest farms, not only have a good ecological natural environment, but also have their own characteristics in exploring and protecting ecological and cultural resources, which have played a good exemplary role in promoting ecological culture, accelerating the promotion of large gardens and the high-quality construction of "forest Zhejiang"

in recent years, the Zhejiang Ecological Culture Association has closely focused on the goal and task of the provincial government, "Zhejiang Shilu culture belt static load experiment and rated load experiment exhibition, insulation strip tensile testing machine adopts imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measurement planning", followed the purpose of "promoting ecological culture, advocating green life, and jointly building ecological civilization", and took meeting the ecological and cultural needs of the people as the starting point and foothold, Deeply excavate the ecological natural resources and ecological human resources in Zhejiang Province, and organize the selection and naming activities of "Zhejiang ecological cultural base" for 10 consecutive years. The bases are selected once a year, initially recommended by the municipal forestry bureaus, reviewed by experts in groups and determined by spot checks. So far, the number of ecological and cultural bases in the province has increased to 351

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