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Shandong paper-making enterprises pay a high price for pollution

recently, with the issuance of documents No. 103 and No. 104 of the Shandong Provincial People's government, 12 enterprises that secretly discharge and seriously exceed the standard have been shut down for rectification, and 16 enterprises that exceed the standard have been treated within a time limit. These enterprises not only have to endure the pain of shutdown, but also will be stopped by banks from lending; The legal representatives of enterprises were not only notified and punished, but also dismissed

In the first ten days of April, Zhao Kezhi, the vice governor of Shandong Province, led by the general office of the provincial government, the national development and Reform Commission, the economic and Trade Commission, and the Department of finance, is improving the competitiveness of international shopping malls on a larger scale. The main heads of the Department of supervision, the Department of construction, and the environmental protection bureau are carrying out a large-scale special investigation on illegal sewage enterprises across the province. Zhao Kezhi made it clear that for illegal enterprises that can not stably meet the standards, exceed the standard of sewage discharge, or secretly discharge and release, no matter how large the scale, how much they contribute to the local area, and how famous they are at home and abroad, as long as they violate environmental laws and regulations and exceed the standard of sewage discharge, they will resolutely stop business for rectification according to law until they are shut down, and the enterprises that exceed the standard of sewage discharge should pay a high price for their illegal acts

it is reported that the 12 enterprises that were shut down for rectification paid a high price. Shandong Linqing Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd. reduced its output value by 22.57 million yuan in the seven days from production suspension to acceptance and resumed trial production, and the cost of newly purchased strains due to the death of strains during production suspension and rectification was more than 1 million yuan; Binzhou Huanghe Paper Co., Ltd. stopped production for 16 days and reduced its output value by 3million yuan; Dongping Ruixing Chemical Co., Ltd. stopped production for rectification in 15 days, reducing profits by 2.8 million yuan, and a huge loan was also suspended by the bank because the enterprise stopped production due to excessive sewage discharge; Shandong Tianhe Paper Co., Ltd. has relevant specifications such as ISO and astm6079, which are basically customized according to this instrument. In addition to the economic cost, the minimum size of the enterprise shall not be greater than mm. The legal representative, Party branch secretary and chairman of the board of directors are all dismissed according to relevant procedures

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