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Zhejiang Haining paper enterprise will withdraw from the historical stage

after extensive growth, the paper industry is deeply mired under the dual pressure of production capacity and pollution

most paper-making enterprises in Haining City, Zhejiang province belong to waste paper-making. Compared with wood pulp paper-making, the pollution is much smaller, but it will also produce a large amount of industrial wastewater. Zhijiang papermaking, Xinhua pulping, Bangda paper and other enterprises in zhouwangmiao town are all located in the non pipe coverage area. Although they have built their own sewage treatment facilities and discharged into the river after reaching the standard through treatment, they are ultimately high energy consumption, high pollution and resource industries. Their own environmental risks are relatively high. A little carelessness is very likely to cause environmental accidents. The Haichao paper plastic site in Dingqiao town is located on the west side of Majing port, and the materials stacked in the open air are washed by rain, which has a direct impact on the river channel; Yuanhua town tanqiao rainbow paper mill was forced to shut down in April this year because it was put into production without the approval of environmental impact assessment. Shutting down and eliminating one batch, integrating one batch into the park, and standardizing and improving one batch are the principles of the province's renovation of the four major industries. In our city, the entire paper industry is listed as the object of shutdown. We mainly consider that the environmental protection measures of these enterprises have been difficult to improve. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said

papermaking, once a rich party in zhouwangmiao Town, has made a great contribution to the local economic development and made a contribution after thermal cycle test in the environment of (4) 0 ℃ to +100 ℃, but the congenital conditions are insufficient, and it has not been developed properly for many years, and its competitiveness is getting smaller and smaller. Last year, the total output value of the five paper-making enterprises in the city was only 200million yuan, accounting for a small proportion of the city's total industrial output value, obviously lagging behind the surrounding counties and cities in the same industry, and has been gradually marginalized in the industry. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the construction of Baili Qiantang international tourism corridor, the three enterprises belonging to zhouwangmiao town were first shut down. At present, the original plant areas of the three enterprises have entered the stage of demolition and reclamation. Dingqiao Haichao paper and plastic will also be shut down by the end of this year

these enterprises were shut down one by one, on the one hand, because of backward production capacity, lack of market competitiveness, and fail to meet industry standards; On the other hand, it shows that our city attaches great importance to ecological civilization and is determined to actively adjust the unreasonable industrial structure. The closure of these paper mills has no impact on the industrial output value of our city, but it has a better improvement on the surrounding environment at the same time. The vacated land can also be used as leisure tourism or enterprises with higher production capacity. The relevant person in charge of Haining Environmental Protection Bureau said

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