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The paper straw was crazy roast! Where will the food enterprises go under the plastic ban

release date: Source: Guilin evening news

some time ago, the topic "paper straws are really environmentally friendly, and they degrade in my mouth" became a hot topic. This is after the topics of "reasons for hating paper straws", "happiness deprived by paper straws", "milk tea consumers roast that paper buying experimental machines is the first choice in Jinan, which is the straws that businessmen who buy experimental machines must be able to think of", paper straws are once again sprayed with hot search because of "difficult to use"

behind the paper straw was roast, the "plastic ban" was officially implemented. In response to the national call, practitioners in the catering industry such as milk tea shops replaced the long-term non degradable plastic straw with paper straw

why are consumers so "disgusted" with paper straws? In this regard, how do food enterprises view and respond

environmentally friendly paper straws were roast, and catering businesses were poorly commented

on April 7 this year, Guangming's official Weibo launched a Weibo survey on "will it reduce the happiness of drinking milk tea with paper straws?". Once released, the survey quickly became a hot topic on the microblogging platform. In just one day, the topic was read by 40 million people on Guangming's official Weibo, with more than 80000 people voting, and the topic reading reached 40.213 million

under this Weibo, friends turned on the crazy roast mode of paper straw. In the eyes of most milk tea controllers, the paper straw seems to have become the most anti human invention in the 21st century. Many people gnash their teeth and complain about the N sins of the paper straw, and frankly say, "poverty and obesity didn't make me quit milk tea, and the paper straw did."

I combed my friend's roast points and found that most roast revolved around the taste:

"the paper straw is really environmentally friendly and degraded in my mouth!"

"in the process of use, it will emit unpleasant gases such as hydrogen sulfide remaining between the fibers of the paper straw and in the fiber cell wall. This' toilet paper smell 'completely destroys the taste of the drink itself, and the happiness of enjoying milk tea is gone."

"when drinking hot milk tea, after a while, the paper straw has become soft and rotten or even disintegrated." In addition to the taste, convenience is also one of the groove points of the paper straw: "the strength, hardness and firmness are not enough, not only can't poke the milk tea seal, but also it is very easy to be bitten, biting a mouthful of paper scraps." "The paper straw is the bane of pearls and taro balls. After softening, the 'essence' at the bottom of a cup of milk tea firmly sticks to the inner wall of the paper straw, which makes people's cheeks ache, and no one can be sucked up."

in fact, not only in China, how high the experimental pressure determines how high the pressure grade of booster pumps, instrument ranges, pipe valves and other parts is. Paper straws have also been endlessly rejected abroad. Last year, someone in Britain launched a petition asking McDonald's to give up paper straws and use the original plastic straws, which won the support of tens of thousands of friends

and the roast about paper straw has also been transferred from Weibo to the store messages of catering businesses, so many tea shops have "harvested" many bad comments

"KFC's iced coconut latte is still using a paper straw, and the coconut jelly can't be sucked up when drinking! Drink a few bites of latte less! If you don't change it for a day, wait to accept my bad comments every day!" "The taro paste can't suck up a mouthful. The paper straw of tea x is too bad, bad comment!" The crazy spitting on paper straws online eventually spread offline. Many catering businesses had to explain and apologize to consumers repeatedly for this. Some tea shops were forced to replace paper straws or not provide straws at all

under the plastic ban, food enterprises are in a dilemma

in the face of roast and negative comments from consumers, in fact, many food enterprises have suffered

first of all, under the general trend of environmental protection, it is imperative to ban plastic. The supervision of relevant departments will be strengthened, and those who violate the "plastic ban order" in the future will be severely punished

according to the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, from 2021, those who fail to comply with the relevant national prohibitions and restrictions on the use of disposable plastic products such as non degradable plastic bags may or will be fined more than 10000 yuan and more than 100000 yuan, and less than 35 mu of self built plants in Dezhou Huadian in 2012

not long ago, a bakery in Shanghai provided disposable plastic straws to consumers free of charge at the front desk, which was found by the local market supervision bureau. It was ordered to correct its illegal behavior on the spot and fined 10000

in addition to plastic straws, the use of non degradable takeout lunch boxes, disposable chopsticks, etc. will face punishment. Many catering businesses in Beijing have been warned or fined for using non degradable lunch boxes or providing disposable chopsticks

it is obvious that the "return of plastic straw" required by consumers is impossible. Then, can't food enterprises use other replaceable products with a better sense of experience

"at present, there are degradable PLA straws on the market, but the cost is very high." The owner of a tea shop revealed that the biggest slot where the paper straw is roast is its water resistance. In fact, it can be avoided by making the paper straw thicker, but this will not only lead to a poor sense of use of the paper straw, but also increase the manufacturing cost, and no manufacturer is willing to produce it

the cost of degradable PLA straw made of starch raw materials from renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.) will be higher. At present, the cost of paper straw in the market is about 3 cents per straw, while the cost of PLA biodegradable straw is about 5 cents

a small straw looks at only a few cents, which seems to be really worthless, but it's afraid of the long calculation of decimals. A tea brand revealed that in the past, the cost of purchasing straw every year was 2million in the foreign thermal insulation market, but after changing the PLA straw, the cost may become 5million. In addition, the ban on plastic production in the past two years has become an important trend in markets such as Europe and North America. The increasing demand for raw materials of PLA straws has led to the fact that only a few domestic manufacturers can produce PLA straws, and the price is even higher

many catering businesses do not want to use PLA straws, but cannot afford them. In addition to the cost, PLA straws also have many problems, such as shelf life and high temperature resistance. It is understood that the shelf life of paper straw can reach years, but PLA products will begin to degrade in about a year

The manufacturing process of PLA straw makes it not resistant to high temperature. It is no problem to drink cold and warm drinks below 60 ℃, but hot drinks with higher temperature, such as hot coffee and tea, are not good. Moreover, PLA products can only be stored for 30 minutes at most in drinks at 55 degrees Celsius, and they will also become soft and deformed after a long time

seeking the "maximum common divisor" during the transition period is the key

paper straws and PLA straws will be the choice of most catering enterprises before the production of more reasonable and lower cost environmental straws in the market

obviously, the implementation of any measure will take time. During this transition period, food enterprises can only try their best to find a balance between cost and consumption experience. At present, some food enterprises have begun to study how to improve paper straws and even find better alternatives under the premise of controlling costs. For example, since May, Starbucks has launched a straw "slag pipe" made of PLA and coffee grounds in more than 850 stores in Shanghai, which has both brand characteristics and environmental protection. KFC and McDonald's gave up the use of straw directly, and "opened" a drinking mouth on the lid of the drink cup. As long as you open the small lid on it, you can drink directly

in addition, bamboo straws, grass straws, glass straws, stainless steel straws and even seaweed straws have also begun to appear in the market

however, even though a variety of alternatives to paper straws reveal the development direction of environmental protection straws in the future, due to the lack of popularization of market education, high production costs, unstable supply chain and other problems, all kinds of new environmental protection straws are limited to trial at this stage, and most of them have not been put into mass production

for the majority of small and medium-sized food enterprises that do not have strong R & D capabilities and financial strength, to adopt these methods to solve the straw problem, we can only hope that in the future, the production capacity of these substitutes will expand and the cost will be reduced

in a word, judging from the current situation, the future of environmental protection straw still has a long way to go. To get through this difficult transition period, food enterprises can't achieve it by themselves, which requires the joint efforts of consumers, relevant industrial chains and the government

at present, what food enterprises can do is to find the maximum common divisor of cost and experience in affordable schemes within the scope allowed by the policy

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