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Paper wine Xintian International's "new toys"

on March 19, on the eve of the 68th national sugar and wine fair, Xintian wine and impression wine, two dark horses of China's wine industry, announced in Chengdu that they would jointly invest to establish Shanghai Xintian impression Wine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xintian impression), Tetra Pak (a packaging system based on paper produced by Tetra Pak Sweden, a global packaging giant) was introduced to pack wine. Qin Wenhua, general manager of Xintian impression, said that Xintian impression would launch a subversive campaign against China's wine industry "

Liu Jinlin, vice president of the China wine business association, said, "it is the first time in China to package wine with Tetra Pak."

traditional wine barons represented by Changyu kept silent

new path

"we want to detonate the consumption trend of wine popularization." Qin Wenhua said, "we should make wine as accessible as coke."

in Xintian's impression, Xintian wine industry holds 60% of the shares, and the huge growth in the number of printing enterprises, like wine industry, accounts for 40%. Jia Bowei, the chairman of Xintian International (600084), the big owner of Xintian liquor, served as the chairman of Xintian impression, and Qin Wenhua, the general manager of Xintian liquor, served as the general manager of Xintian impression

according to Qin, the funds provided by both parties to Xintian impression for operation are about 300million yuan

Qin said that the main task of Xintian impression is to "create three new wine industry channels and carefully fill in the" mechanical routine maintenance record ": first, mass produce ultra convenient bulk wine, directly reduce the price of wine to the price of high-end beer, directly supply terminals, and fully cover almost all consumer groups like bottled water; Second, cooperate with local strong breweries to produce beer bottled grape sparkling wine, and expand the sales scope of low-cost wine by using its local canned production capacity and sales and logistics network; Third, change the traditional packaging form of wine, mass produce Tetra Pak/kangmeizhuang wine, improve the convenience of carrying and drinking wine to the level of Tetra Pak milk, and "significantly reduce the packaging and transportation costs of wine, so that it can enter every time and every corner of consumers' lives"

"Chinese consumers generally believe that wine is of high grade and high price, which is a luxury. Moreover, the cork at the bottle mouth also makes it inconvenient to drink. We hope to restore the true nature of wine, a fast-moving consumer goods. Let it be available at any time, anywhere and at hand." Qin Wenhua said

Qin Wenhua believes that the key to the success of wine is price and convenience. "The cost of packaging wine with Tetra Pak is greatly reduced compared with bottled wine, and the price is only 2-3 times higher than Tetra Pak milk of the same capacity."

it is understood that Xintian impression is ready to cooperate with Tetra Pak to produce 125-1000 ml Tetra Pak packaged wines of six specifications. Wang Yang, a representative of Tetra Pak China headquarters, revealed that Tetra Pak currently has more than 700 production lines in China. As for the specific cooperation mode, it has not been finally agreed. Vigorously expand downstream demand

at present, Xintian impression is accelerating the preparation of product scale listing, and it is expected that its newly packaged wine will be launched in May this year

in order to ensure the development of Xintian impression, Xintian wine and impression wine clearly stipulate in the cooperation agreement that both companies give up the development right of three super convenient wine products and fully support Xintian impression


after successfully operating the Yunnan red and Shangri La Tibetan secrets, Qin Wenhua started a new sprint this time

"what we subvert is not only the access and habits, but also the threshold of entering the wine market." According to Qin Wenhua, Tetra Pak's packaged wine has reduced the cost, but at the same time, the price has also been reduced, and the profit is half that of bottled wine. Therefore, to achieve profitability, we must scale production. The premise of large-scale production is a large amount of capital investment. "Once wine has become a daily consumer product like beer, no 100 million people can't get in and play."

in China's wine industry, Xintian wine industry and impression wine industry are regarded as "upstarts" that cannot be underestimated. Xintian international, the owner of Xintian liquor, raised 349million yuan for Xintian liquor through allotment and other means in 2000 alone. Strong can also replace non-ferrous metals for clocks, copiers, cameras and other precision structural parts; Financial strength made Xintian wine industry debut soon, with a 150000 Mu grape base, known as the enterprise with the largest grape base in China

since its establishment in July 2002, impression wine industry has received a strategic investment of 100million yuan from Huarong Investment Company, and has integrated resources in a strategic exclusive way. Through self construction, joint investment, long-term leasing and other forms, it has obtained the raw wine production capacity of several wine grape producing areas

although Liu Jinlin believes that Xintian impression's move can start China's wine consumption, "it is a very good thing and has a good prospect". But some people don't think so, thinking that Xintian's impression is "making gimmicks"

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