Reference for selection of the hottest seal

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Seal selection reference

temperature and pressure

material sealing form sealing characteristics remarks temperature ≤ 80 ℃, medium and low pressure resistance

medium pressure asbestos plate oil resistant asbestos plate

aramid asbestos free plate

flat gasket pipe with flange interface, water, gas, oil, acid and alkali dilute liquid asbestos materials have tended to be eliminated, and it is not recommended to use rubber flat gasket with increased skeleton pressure, steel flexible hydraulic transmission seal, The pressure resistant and friction resistant parts can be wrapped with flat gaskets of polyurethane products, polytetrafluoroethylene, resistant to strong corrosive media under medium and low pressure conditions, temperature ≤ 120 ℃ - 260 ℃, resistant to medium and high pressure

nitrile rubber inner and outer skeleton oil seals, various V, u, Y-type O-rings, rubber products are sandwiched at high pressure, hydraulic transmission seals, various oils or pipe valve interface seals, and other special types of rubber, such as ethylene propylene diene, neoprene, chlorohydrin butyl, Silicone rubber hydraulic transmission seal, high-temperature gas, fluororubber hydraulic transmission seal for food and medical treatment, asbestos fiber in harsh acid-base environment, rubber, copper wire packing pump valve seal 250 ℃ 60kgf/cm 550 ℃ 200kgf/cm asbestos fiber 250 ℃ 60kgf/cm 450 ℃ 150kgf/cm aramid fiber (asbestos free) is corrosion-resistant, Friction resistant asbestos fiber externally impregnated F4 and silicone oil packing are economic substitutes for aramid F4 packing. PTFE packing is corrosion-resistant, wire speed resistant (GFO) filled with modified packing. All kinds of dynamic and static seals and machine accessories - flat gasket, pipe with flange interface, insulation, anti-aging, It is applicable to all kinds of gases, strong acid-base liquid sealing steel framework, external graphite flat gasket, pipe with flange interface instead of asbestos flat gasket, upgrading products, stainless steel F4 winding basic type and pipe with inner and outer ring with flange interface, it is applicable to high-temperature and high-pressure Wall card plate (asbestos, no asbestos) flat gasket with strong corrosive medium, and super large corrosion-resistant 550 ℃ 60kgf/cm pipe with flange interface within 3000, Applicable to a wide range of media - stainless steel graphite winding basic type and with inner and outer rings 1 Good dynamic response with various media - Flexible these new materials have excellent functions and perfect service chain graphite packing ring pumps, valves, rods, shaft seals - Graphite plus nickel wire braided packing pumps, valves, rods, Shaft seal: ≤ 600 ℃ 150kgf/cm - how is the carbon fiber braid made? Woven packing low carbon 280 ℃ 150kgf/cm - high carbon 600 ℃ 300kgf/cm carbon fiber resin hot pressing machine forming plunger valve seal ≤ 600 ℃ 200~600kgf/cm - Graphite resin hot pressing machine forming all kinds of dynamic and static seals and machine accessories - all kinds of metal stainless steel flat gaskets, toothed gaskets, (and composite stones with the increasing tension of energy nowadays, ink), octagonal, oval, Excellent pressure resistance of lens gasket - carbon steel - red copper - pure aluminum - pure titanium - (end)

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